This Week Had Me In Stitches


On the arms.


Also, there was The Desolation of Smaug, but that was no laughing matter (I mean the historic event–YEAH, it happened.) The film did have some laugh out loud moments, though, and I expected nothing less from a bunch of dwarves, an elf, and a reluctant hero of a hobbit.


When I went back to work on Aaralyn’s Song, I had no idea how much of a joy it would be to see my ‘friends’ again. After drafting that synopsis and gaining new insight, I’ve quite enjoyed its evolution and I’m excited how the story works with this new tone and flavor. It’s very true how first drafts are hardly ever the same by the time the project truly takes shape.


While I impatiently await the next offering from the lovely Jennifer A. Nielsen, I am currently reading three books: two fiction and one non-fiction. I tend to do this when my mind is unsettled and needs a change of scenery. I think my mind won’t settle down until we’re well into the New Year.


Finally caught up in my comments and tweets. I have yet to get through my blog hopping, but I’ll, ahem, hop to it ASAP.


Back to the stitches.

Is it bad when you go to a craft store three times in a week? In my defence, I was in search of yarn on clearance (discontinued series). I tried arm knitting and turns out, I quite enjoy it. I used small skeins just to get a feel for the movement, but the longer it got, the more I liked the way it looked. The skeins were enough to yield about a foot and a half of an infinity scarf.

I’d like to triple the length and have since posted on the youtube video a question as to whether or not it’s the same process to add a new ball of yarn to arm knitting as it is for regular knitting. Since the stitches are much larger with arm-knitting, I think it will definitely show. I’d like to know the best way to proceed without wasting unnecessary yarn.

Oh, well. I can use it as a piece of wall art and save the rest of the yarn (oh, I definitely bought a boatload more as soon as I found out a store had it hidden away on a different shelf!) for another project.

photo (1)

Forgive the lighting. But I think it would have been lovely (and could still be if I get a definitive answer on the yarn adding). Oddly enough, that smaller ball was part of one of the skeins that decided it didn’t want to play as a group. So, at present, I have two very different lengths of yarn left over.

Also, the picture doesn’t do it justice but the texture and shade of this yarn is quite charming. It was meant to be, as well. In honor of one of my favorite characters Chanterelle from my NaNo novel Greatest Hits, the color is Mushroom. 🙂 Neutral and feather-light. I’m quite content with a project that didn’t end up with a bunch of knits and purls and nothing to show for it.

If you like what you see picture-wise, lemme know. I take requests. 🙂

Regardless of what happens with this particular project, I am making the Sisterhood a lovely green one with different yarn and will post the progress and details of that and other projects very soon.

Have a great week, everyone!

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