Killing Your Darlings & Feeding Your Muse



In true delayed fashion, I’m starting to have fun with my thriller WIP for NaNoWriMo & Entangled Smackdown over at SavvyAuthors.

<insert evil laughter here>

I’ve read that we’re supposed to give our characters a hard time and/or come up with the worst possible scenarios for them AND put them through it. I love my characters and there’s something oddly satisfying when they’re put through the literary wringer. I’m not a sadist. It’s clear that as a writer I’m definitely a masochist, but amping up the tension and conflict is as exciting for me to write as I hope it will be for others to read. 🙂


Speaking of, does it come off as biased if I say I’m enjoying what I’ve written thus far? It’s not for bragging purposes, but rather to keep my interest piqued and hopefully the story on the right track. In the interim, there are plenty of writing reference books that can prove useful in this endeavour.


My #Fire_Divas teammates are supporting each other no matter what. Although Entangled has prizes at stake, I think the greatest reward (without delving into cheesy sentimental territory) is the act of writing coupled with the constant feedback and accountability during the writing process. It’s a simple recipe for success in our writing community.


Today, I returned to make use of my mirrored closet doors. Also, now that I’m reunited with my uke, Bilbo and I will make sweet music. 

In other learned circles, this evening the Sisterhood and I will head to the cinema to watch a play. Yep, you read that right. I get to see the wonderful David Tennant, pre-50th anniv Doctor Who special, in the title role of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Richard II. It will be the first time the RSC will stream a live theatre broadcast. Exciting!

I’ll consider it a mid-week treat for all the writerly efforts. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Killing Your Darlings & Feeding Your Muse

  1. I think, if people aren’t enjoying their NaNo novels, then something is seriously wrong with that picture.

    I am in love with mine. It makes thewriting a pleasure,and a revelry, and I will be the first to say that I’ve got a great story brewing!

    Brava for the support group. I would have a hard time with keeping up with that – my novels seem to swallow me whole, and I have almost nothing left for social interaction beyond the cool people I live with. I’m always a little amazed at people who can do both.

    David Tennant and Shakespeare….ummm, yummy! =D I hope you found it thoroughly delightful! =D

    • Unfortunately, a family thing came up and I ended up not going. Fingers and toes crossed, tomorrow’s worldwide broadcast of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will delight the Whovian in me. 🙂

        • Ah, so many feels.

          I’m not sure if I was completely onboard with the liberties taken on rebooting Doctor Who canon, but it was done creatively. I did enjoy seeing Ten again and the two of them onscreen together was like Christmas and New Year’s on the same day! Did you watch it? Ask your little Whovian if they noticed Eleven looking straight into the camera a few times. It’s like Matt Smith was saying, “Whelp, I’m gone soon so let’s get all the in-jokes and lil’ quips out as much as possible, eh?”

          Overall, it was a campy romp (in a good way). John Hurt’s observations were spot on and it’s nice the show poked fun at itself–several times. Wish it was longer. There were nice touches here and there, but it just makes me even more unprepared for the Christmas special.

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