On the Menu? Perspective 5 Ways


Whoa, Nelly!

One week in and I’ve already surprised myself with my characters–twice. That’s a good thing, but it also means I have to rework my outline. I found an interesting way of revealing my killer in the story and it’s definitely not the person I originally intended for the part. Oooh, I love whodunits, especially if I, as the author, am still trying to figure that out myself!

NaNoWriMo & Entangled Smackdown over at SavvyAuthors are going well. I’m plotting and writing but I have a lot to keep myself busy.

Week One: 17,850 words

I’m making good time though some days are easier than others. Hopefully by spending the weekend fixing my changes to the outline, the words will flow with ease in the coming weeks.

Gotta love a plot twist in the plotting process. A writer’s life is never boring.


When I found myself stuck in a writerly rut, I gave myself a pep talk and came to the obvious conclusion (though not so obvious while wallowing in said rut) that writing, as well as life, is all a matter of perspective.

How we perceive the world and ourselves truly affects how we go about our daily lives.

Here are five very different vids with very different subject matter. Heads up, there are some audio and visual warnings on violence and course language. (Special props to YouTube. I originally curated these vids from different sites but I couldn’t embed the media properly into this blog post.)

Perspective, the Green Way via vlogbrothers

The Upside of Failing via thnkrtv

A View to a Kill in 1st Person POV via bitingelbows

An eloquent and easy discussion of discussing hard topics via TedxTalks

Fearless and persistent innovation via General Electric

Whenever I’m in a slump of a mood for whatever reason: difficult scene to write, lack of focus, or even the case of the blahs, all it takes is a simple attitude adjustment.

These videos, for all their unique intentions, show how easy it is to shift our way of thinking about how we view the world around us. It’s a lesson in storytelling and a lesson in life.


Be bold and creative in the coming week.

As my fellow Whovians would say:

Think inside the Box because it’s bigger on the inside.

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