#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/09/18


Doc says the thumb shouldn’t bother me–in about six months! Grr. Could’ve been worse. Healed fracture is better than a broken digit. Silver lining?

That said, my writing has suffered since my last report. I’ve been doing more reading (of my writing) and minor edits than full-on revisions and that makes me sad.

I know it’s a temporary setback. I’d just rather it be over already.

Despite the physical issues, I edited my novella and am at a better stage of revisions than I was a month ago. My current WIP has stalled slightly due to life’s continuous snafus, but I shall chug ahead. Even though the path of the WIP and trajectory of it’s completion has changed, I think these changes are for the betterment of the story and for myself as a growing writer.

On deck: More revisions for my Spec Fic Thriller Imprint and more work on my YA Fantasy Aaralyn’s Song.


Lots of reading in lieu of writing. Critiques, beta reads, and reviews… oh my. Whatever problems are in my way, I’m still getting some work done, but seriously. Ugh much?

So much to read and I haven’t taken that speed reading course yet! I need to reassess my work-life balance. (See ‘On deck’ below.)

On deck: read through lessons for various workshops. One, oddly enough, is about balancing the chaos and overwhelming nature of multitasking.


Speaking of, I need to get cracking on my FRIDAY FORAGE blog post research. I’d hoped to have a few advanced posts tucked away but life had other plans. No worries. It’ll get done.

These check-ins have been super helpful so I can keep track of my ups and downs. Despite the endless list of tasks on my to-do list, my TBR list, and everything else, I think adding more responsibility to my plate, including modding for the WFWA Forums and SavvyAuthors, is forcing me into focus. That’s a good thing.

On deck: I have a chat to moderate tonight over at Savvy Authors. It’s called The Two Strings Technique: Adding Contrast and Interest to Our Writing and will be conducted by L. Jagi Lamplighter. Should be fun. Wednesday nights have become a staple of good fun.


I’m on Level 9 in Spanish and Level 6 in French on Duolingo. Keeping busy rather than moping about fractured thumbs and whatnot.

I’m supposed to increase mobility and will look into physio. Maybe I should just play more ukelele. 🙂

Languages abound. I plan on adding another language to my learning repertoire in October. More on that soon.

On deck: lingo and lyrics, conjugations and chords. Fun times.


How’s your September treating you?

8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/09/18

  1. Okay, I felt pretty poop about my September non-accom[lishments, now I feel really bad. You do so much! Good for you… I have never been able to learn languages. Like numbers, my mind refuses to acknowledge information. Very annoying. My mother is excellent with languages… It must be so wonderful to go to a country and speak the local language without spluttering over a phrasebook. 🙂 X

    • It’s always been a bucket-listed item for me to learn as many languages as possible and travel. Give Duolingo a try. It’s a different way of learning so it might work. 🙂

    • Jake Shimabukuro is like Fred Astaire, the way his fingers dance along the strings. Amazing! I can only hope to be a fraction as good as he is on the uke! I also saw some of James Hill’s vids on youtube. Can’t compare their playing styles, but I do like James’ creativity with the chopsticks and comb. 🙂

      Thanks very much for stopping by! Until Round 4.

  2. Sorry to hear that your fingers can’t dance so quickly over the keyboard. I read once that when events conspire against us achieving our goals, it’s a sign we need to be more reflective of what we CAN achieve. I’m not sure I believe that, especially given the great list of accomplishments you present here. But staying connected to goal setting through ROW80 does keep us focused. Congrats on the deeper level of editing. Trust the physical therapy. It works! And so do you! All the best for Round 4.

  3. Hopefully, all this reading and doing will lead to fertile fields ready for that six-months’ out writing harvest.

    In the meantime, you seem to be adapting and growing in other ways, which is wonderful.

    I hope you heal quickly and fully, and that the time between isn’t too frustrating!

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