Week in Review – 2013/07/29 – 2013/08/04



Taking the weekend off from writing is weird, yet refreshing. I dove in, teeth bared and wrote August 1st and 2nd. So far, this weekend, this post is the only writing I’ve done, strictly speaking. Even when I recharged on previous weekends I continued to write because of the daily WriMo word count goals.

I’m not saying AugNoWriMo demands less commitment. I like the accountability coupled with the flexible writing goals. I’m revved up because I’m much more excited to get back to it tomorrow. Score one for relaxing the brain.


I received the contest entries I need to read as a judge for the 21st Annual Heart of the West Writers Contest sponsored by the Utah Chapter of Romance Writers of America. It was a  great learning experience and enjoyed when I was a judge for the 2013 The Sandy Writing Contest for the Crest Butte Writers. I believe that order for me to become a better writer, I need to appreciate a story as a reader.

That’s why I’m making a point to continue my reading goals whether it’s through published works of fiction, non-fiction, contest entries, or fellow writers’ WIPs. It’s also a great way to give back to a thriving and supportive community. I’m grateful for the writers and other people in the industry that have helped me in my writing journey. It’s my honor to do the same for other writers out there.


Tomorrow and every Monday in August, Candilynn Fite begins hosting duties for #wipmadness on her blog.

That, the #ROW80 check-ins twice a week, along with other writing communities such as Ali Luke’s Writers’ Huddle, and SavvyAuthors, to name a few, I’m happy to stay on course.

My fellow cabinmates from Camp NaNo are continuing our collective spirit of encouragement via Twitter. The writing family continues to grow.


Just got back tonight and while tomorrow is still a holiday in my neck of the woods, I will get back into writing mode, as promised (to myself, at least). I spent the late afternoon checking out the upcoming workshops at my home away from home on the interwebs, SavvyAuthors.

I need to curb my enthusiasm because there are so many great topics to learn but I need to keep it focused to my current projects. Even if I know there is a super-duper class on a genre outside of what I’m working on or even a later stage in the writing process (such as editing and querying, etc.) I need to save my time and money on the here and now.

Memo to self: use what resources you already have.

Keeping things light for the next thirty-six hours. Aside from my WIP and workshops, I finally have time to take up my guitar lessons.

How’s your August going so far?

2 thoughts on “Week in Review – 2013/07/29 – 2013/08/04

  1. It’s great that you gave yourself some time off! It’s so necessary now and then, even if it feels weird. Way to go!

    And I hear you on needing to not sign up for every fabulous-looking thing that comes along. Great job on sticking to what you’re already doing. I really like your reminder to use what resources you already have. I need to make myself a little sticky note that says that. Thanks for the idea!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Glad to share the tip. Just found a boatload more webinars and ebooks I downloaded from Writer’s Digest that are collecting binary dust on my computer. After a few minutes of ‘Ugh, what are you doing forgetting the treasure trove?’ I’m now sorting through all the files. It’s like my very own literary scavenger hunt. Only less fun (way too many unsorted files) and there aren’t any prizes. Ooh… silver lining. The prize is knowledge. Yay me!

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