FRIDAY FORAGE – 2013/08/02



Day Two in my Revised Revamp for Aaralyn’s Song. Interesting how a couple hundred thousand words later and it’s like the entire experience is brand new. A great motivator, psychologically speaking. You know, when everything’s all shiny and new. It’s like the Honeymoon period of novel writing. I should relish this time in the writing process before the Honeymoon period of excitement wanes around Act Two (a.k.a. The Sagging Middle), but I think we’ve all experienced this as some point.

Possibly because I just wrote two posts in the last two days I don’t have more of an update. This might be my shortest post yet. I’m just thrilled that the Series Renovations, as it were, are going well. Yes, it’s been two days, so far, but I’m going to maintain a lighter perspective.

Traveling today and possibly offline during the weekend. I’ll kick it old school and write when I can with those archaic recording implements (i.e. notebook and pen). But since I don’t have the major WriMo pressures looming over my head (thanks to AugNoWriMo‘s flexible word count and my updated specific writing goals), I just might take both Saturday AND Sunday off. Odds are, this will make me all itchy, as I haven’t done that since February.

So, yay for the brand spankin’ newness of it all. I’ll take all the good vibes I can get as the writing journey rolls on.

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