#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/07/03




Camp NaNoWriMo and JulNoWriMoTweeting updates with @JulNoWriMo and #CampNaNoWriMo. Every Friday until September 21st, I’ll be writing update posts for WRITE YOUR NOVEL THIS SUMMER.

Fractured Tales Series Word Running Total for July: 7,397 words

Totals from April, June, and July: 171,216 words

I’m having fun storming the brain for the series and enjoy the company of old writers and new on this continuing adventure.



 This week, I continued Lois Lowry’s THE GIVER QUARTET. Love her work! She’s one of my new favorites.


Here’s what I read this week, so far:

LoisLowry_GatheringBlue     books_messenger[1]

Yes, I totally dove into it.


Currently reading:

20121017_072140_son     16248113     22628



I need to go through my GoodReads account and sort through my Want To Reads and I’ve Reads… review to follow. Gah. So many words. 🙂




Angelina C. Hansen took over the hosting duties for #wipmadness on her blog. We had our first check-in for July this past Monday. Monday was also the beginning of Round Three of#ROW80 and today is our first Mid-Week Check-In.

Friday, I’ll continue my new column FRIDAY FORAGE and will go through my second week of summer writing updates.



A great start to the month already. How’s everyone doing?

5 thoughts on “#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/07/03

  1. Great movement on your work, Tonette! Your summer word count is great. Mines is crawling up there, but nothing nearly as impressive. Good for you.

    In fact, if I hadn’t peeked along all the other links (like the Write Your Novel This Summer one, I’d have not found the comment you left on Mandy’s blog about how you go past the not being able to write…)

    Yeah… I was procrastinating, but I’m glad I did too. I like the Write Your Novel page and I found out more about #wipmadness, a hashtag I’d seen around but not understood. Thanks! That’s the best part about this ROW80 thing… how we can help each other by sharing ideas and experiences.

    • Squishy cyber hugs and high fives. Exactly why I love joining up all these new challenges and writing communities. It just keeps me going even if I don’t want to write. Yes, I feel that way sometimes. Yes, I procrastinate–a whole lot! But even when I’m neck deep in quicksand (aka the current plot lines that won’t stop), I’m going to bite the proverbial bullet and look at the project from a different angle. I have over 200K of words that I know I can use. Maybe not everything and maybe not right away, but I learned many things about the characters in those scenes. I might not be starting from scratch. Let’s call it scratch adjacent. It’s better to deal with the nitty gritty after three months of investment rather than finding myself in an irrevocable plot hole late in the year.

      I hope your writing’s going well. Just know that I’m but a blog or tweet away if you need to celebrate or commiserate!

      Onwards and upwards. 🙂

      • We’ll boost each other forward when we’re lagging, cheering each other on when the words flow free… Yeah, that sounds about right for a lot of online writing communities. And there is so much good (and bad) stuff out there to see, it helps when more eyes are shifting through the online slush.

        How’s that for a reassuring thought? Online slush…. 😉

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