June Writing/Reading Goals

Say hello to 2013, Part Two.

Half the year gone already? It’s unreal. To keep me grounded in the harsh reality of the quasi-masochistic writing life I’ve got some intense goals lined up for the month of June.


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1) JuNoWriMoLike Camp NaNoWriMo but not in April or July. Go fig. I’ve written at length of how awesome WriMos are so this is self-explanatory–and exciting. I can’t believe it’s already Day 01 and I’m here gushing about it instead of writing my novel!

2) Kiwi Writers SoCNoC. Southern Cross Novel Challenge. Much like JuNoWriMo, which is much like Camp NaNoWriMo… well, you get the idea… I’m not a Kiwi but they’ve welcomed me into the fold just the same. The SoCNoC also has mini-challenges throughout the month such as 6K in a day or for those who can’t complete 50K in a month, they can do 25K. Considering the next challenge below, I don’t think this will be an issue.

3) 25,000 Words in 7 Days. June 10th to June 16th. Last time I nearly reached 100 pages in 7 Days. Since I’m doing triple-duty for my Fractured Fairy Tale Series this month, I’m sure this’ll be a cakewalk, right? Here’s to hoping.

4) WRITE YOUR NOVEL THIS SUMMERJune 21st to September 21st. This will serve as a nice crossover into July’s Camp NaNoWriMo and yes, there’s a JulNoWriMo and an AugNoWriMo in my future. Go big or go home.

5) Just kidding. Do I really need any other writing challenges? Knowing me, I’d probably find some new challenge along the way and sign-up. I’ll keep ya posted.


So I wanted to continue the awesomeness that was #middlegrademay. Sadly, it is May no longer. The reading joy, however, continues.

1) 30 Books in 90 DaysI read ten for May, so this is possible… eeps. I came up with a list last night but it’s not set in stone. The first book I’ll be reading is DREAMLANDER by the fabulous K.M. WeilandThe second book is DOUBLE VISION by the equally fabulous F.T. BradleyI suddenly have the urge to create a penname with initials.

2) 48 Hour Book ChallengeJune 7th to June 9th. This challenge laughs in the face of 90 Days and orders me to read like mad for two days straight. And I say, bring it–well, maybe with some breaks and sleep and stuff.

Two’s good. We’re good here. Remember, I’m still writing in between the reading.


1) #ROW80It’s the last month for the check-ins every Sunday and Wednesday. After that’s over, I’ll still have my week in review each Sunday, but this has been a great way to maintain accountability. I can share my woes of reading through all my words and others and together commiserate and celebrate the beauty of storytelling.

2) #wipmadnessWe still have check-ins every Monday. Another group of wonderful people to help me keep accountable and sane in all things writerly.


For kicks, because, why not? I’m also making use of the treadmill while the Keysmashing Tots snooze. That’s until, of course, the weather improves. But since we live in Raincouver, treadmill it is. I say this looking out my window at a canvas of greys. For instance, there is gainsboro, light grey, silver, and dark grey, so far. But I digress. On the brighter side of grey, (every cloud has a gainsboro lining, it seems), this guarantees I have a minimum of thirty minutes everyday to devote to reading. Dontcha love multitasking?

Lastly, I’ve stopped using this wonderful app, but I might pick it up again. I love Duolingo and will continue with the Spanish lessons therein. I’d like to eventually learn all the languages they offer. Linguistics falls under the reading/writing scope and it’s also another fun way to fire up the synapses.

*phew* My fingers are tired from this post. I think I’ve got the second half of the year well in hand, yes?

Barring anything too crazy happening this month such as


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In the words of Joey Tribbiani, “How you doin’?”

5 thoughts on “June Writing/Reading Goals

    • I like the word you chose. It’s more positive than “insane”. But I already did insane with the month of April. So I know I can handle the insanity. haha

      The writing challenges are actually the easier of the lot because I’m working on a series which allows me the freedom to explore various scenes while expanding my word count. The reading, however, will be trickier. I read ten books last month because I wasn’t writing more than outlines and character sketches. The next three months will be anything but boring, that’s for sure.

      Check back in a few months were the word might very well be “exhausted”. 😉

  1. Curious question on your writing line-up – are you going to do separate projects for each challenge, ie aiming for a total of….125,000 words+ If so, I am truly impressed!
    As for the reading challenge, thanks for sharing – it’s during a weekend, so I might be able to pull that off! (smile).
    Raincouver! Love it. I think you should use it as a setting in a story. Mind if I borrow the term for mine?
    Happy writing and see you on the Kiwi board!

  2. And here is my lengthier reply.

    In April, I wrote a little over 75K for each of my stories and that yielded 150K and some change. They were very disparate stories so dividing my time up had its pros and cons.

    In analyzing your question, I realize that this might work in my favor for the fairytale series because I can jump between books but still stay in the same universe. I might actually write even more this way. I know I have enough for two main plots (i.e. Book One and Two, so far), but I’ve had so much fun with my character sketches to keep going. I created mashed up and twisted spins on known and lesser known characters to weave new stories with old so the possibilities are endless. Just writing about writing about it is making me giddy. 🙂

    So, thanks to you again, I’m rethinking my June and the rest of the year, for that matter. This is super duper exciting and I’m glad for the company along the way.

    As for Raincouver, what’s your story about?

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