Here’s Looking at You…

The Hong Kong Experience: Day 09

2014/12/30 @21h02 HK time

A.K.A. A Second Look…

Small favors that I was able to go out for a bit without incident.


Previously on The Hong Kong Experience…

It was “A Hard Day’s Night” as I stayed in not by my own choice. I had plenty of time to think about the past year and what’s to come in 2015.


On the ninth day of Christmas–vacay–the view was so pre-tty

From 393 meters above the sea.

And the adventure continues…

It truly is an observation deck at Sky100. Open air at 393m above sea level might not be conducive for a picture-taking deck, but I’ll take what I can get.



Papa Bear would be proud. “Location, location, location,” he’d always say. Whether it was in real estate or just finding a good parking spot, it made a difference to be at the right place at the right time. It just so happens, I got lucky with this spot behind a pillar right by the window for a nice view of the skyline.

It was a nice way to spend New Year’s Eve Eve. 😉

The vacation is drawing to a close, but it’s the little things that are important to cherish.

Until next time…

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