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The Hong Kong Experience: Day 08

2014/12/30 @23h02 HK time

As in more downtime.


Not like I said it was a twenty-four hour bug or anything.


Previously on The Hong Kong Experience…

What’s a little food poisoning between friends?


On the eighth day of Christmas–vacay–it wasn’t meant to be,

The stupid bug hadn’t left my system yet.

And the adventure continues…

I’m over the HOW behind my gastroenteritis issues because the food was just so darned tasty. The sacrifice was on the larger side of ick, but considering I hadn’t had the food in a few years, (that previous time with relative ease), I suppose it was worth the risk… right?

Anyhoo, in lieu of “out and about” I did a lot of vegetation and not so much relaxation. Pretty useless to NOT vacay on my vacay. Plans from Sunday already got pushed back, now another day? Of course, that meant I had to start thinking about adjusting back to reality when we get home, and so commenced the brooding.


First was the recap of 2014. I’d originally thought I’d get a post out while still in the year, but I think for the sake of sanity and time constraints, I’ll do a post when I’m back home in Canada this weekend, so more on that later.

Then came the preview of 2015. New goals, new classes, new trips, new people, new adventures, new ideas. Gah!

Yeah. I have a tendency to do that, sometimes. It has its pros and cons for sure. But when I look back at all my accomplishments this year, I must say I feel fanfreakingtastic. I just need to trust in myself, as I’ve been doing, to see how far I’ve come and also appreciate the day to day achievements.

The future is brimming with possibilities, for which I’m grateful and glad. Sometimes it likes a little sidetracking experience to force one to appreciate all the little moments of joy that build up over time make for an incredible year.

One day more in 2014. It’s been a trip!


Until next time…

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