MARCH MADNESS Check-In: Day 28


mm 2014 wordle

First the good news…

the winner is…

Kim Clarke Harbridge!

Congrats! Stop by our goal-setting post and choose your prize from those still listed. Please email Denise at d(at)denisejaden(dot)com with your choice and we’ll get it to ya lickety-split.

There are only a few days left, so keep checking back to see if you’re a winner!

On to other things, such as… WEEK FOUR, People!

Some might say this month has flown by. I agree to a certain extent–then want to continue with the sobfest known as my move. It’s been going so painfully slow I see snails up ahead in the distance looking over their shoulder (Do me a favor and pretend snails have shoulders, wouldya?) offering a wince more than a smile but full of pity.

HOWEVER, I like to think of brighter and shinier things. Despite the move dragging me down, it’s been great to read what other people have been up to this month.

We’re in the home stretch, everyone!

How does it feel? Did you reach your goals? Did you make new ones? Did you adapt to the twists and turns this month threw your way?

I, for one, had my plans go sideways. One thing I accomplished completely was all the readings and critiques for the entries in the Sandy Writing Contest. I’m also proud to have gotten all these posts out on time. As far as my ideal and manageable goals went, weeeellllllll, I still say it’s a win that I can get through this month settling into my new home.

The Sanctuary, aptly named, is already shaping up to be a place where I can unleash my creativity without restraint.

Am I sad that I didn’t get to do all I set out to do? Sure, but I’m also proud of what I did get done. Everyone has daily challenges. We took on a beast for the month of March. Is there anything you’d do differently? Do you have plans for April and beyond?

Consider this a moment of reflection to assess your progress and reevaluate the goals ahead.

For any and all words written this month, give yourself a huge pat on the back, a round of applause, three cheers, and some cyber-high fives!





You did super!


No paws about it!



Oooh. Take that, Dramatic Chipmunk. You’ve got nothing on this Shakespearean cum Flashdancin’ Squirrel.



I hope everyone had a terrific time. I can say wholeheartedly March Madness is never boring!


See you tomorrow on Carol Garvin’s blog and beyond as the #wipmadness continues!


How will you spend these last days of March?



19 thoughts on “MARCH MADNESS Check-In: Day 28

  1. I love all the high-fives, Tonette! How cute! You are AWESOME for getting all of your MM posts up on time even in the midst of the chaos that has been your life!

    I have completed my official goals, but am still slipping behind on my renewed halfway through the month added goals. Good news, though! I have found an app for my phone that pretty much replaces everything I loved about my Kindle (and no, it’s not the kindle app – that one sucks). Anyway, I am making forward progress again and have high hopes that I’ll still get a lot done in these last three days.

  2. On this day of March, I’m pretty sure I will get nothing done because I tend to do other things like celebrate getting older. 😉 43 and counting.

  3. On this 28th day, I probably won’t get much done because I do other things, like celebrate another year of life flying by. 😉 43 and counting. Hope everyone is on track and happy with what they’ve accomplished. And either way, you should be happy with it. See ya Saturday. 🙂

  4. My family is a little slow getting here this morning, so I’ve had some time for the WIP. I also spent a half an hour with the harp working on a duet for harp and violin. It’s a huge challenge. Especially since kitty decided he needed to cuddle on my lap while I was playing. That was new. I’ve got a novel to crit for a buddy which is next on my list this morning. Have a great Friday, Wipsters!

  5. Hey, I won a thing! Nice. I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of the month. I feel like the time has really flown by, though I do have a lot of words to show for it, I guess. I’m going to spend this afternoon and the weekend polishing up the story I’m working on, and if I manage that i’ll have completed my goals! Next month I have to start revising the YA novel I finished the first draft of in mid-march. Happy weekend, everybody!

  6. Thanks for the high-fives! 😀 I’ll be spending my last couple days sleeping, lol — working nightshift all weekend. But I will have notebook and pen handy to keep scribbling out words on my breaks. I definitely won’t reach my goal, but I’m happy to be immersed in story once again.

  7. I’m spending this last weekend partying up at a convention in Seattle. I don’t think I’ll get up to much writing, but I’m taking a lot of notes at writing panels! I’ve really enjoyed this month, especially the refocusing of my goals and figuring things out. 🙂

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