MARCH MADNESS Check-In: Day 21


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So, that happened.

I’ve got good news and not-so-good news.

Let’s start with the good first. Good is always, well, good, right? It serves as a nice buffer, methinks.

How about a prize? I’d like to give away another prize from our huge prize arsenal. Today’s winner is…

Linda C. Butler!

Congratulations, Linda! Stop by our goal-setting post and choose a faboo prize from those still available. Please email Denise at d(at)denisejaden(dot)com with your choice and we’ll fire it off ASAP.

Check back with us daily for more great prizes, awesome blog posts, and camaraderie that make up the Madness in March!

I want to take a moment to thank my fellow blog hosts for inspiring me to pay it forward with some inspiration of my own.

Now that I’ve plied you with cyber-libations by way of high praise and good cheer, let me offer up a big fat mea culpa.

For those who’ve had the recent displeasure of moving, or those who still have that lingering bad taste of resentment from their move, you’ll understand my pain, physical or otherwise. Snafus, logistical nightmares, and all the other aspects that are bundled into an endless vortex of “When/Why did I EVER buy that?!” are what kept me away from this lovely group of people.

As much as it was unintended, sadly, I’m not surprised that this entire process has eaten up all spare time I’ve had recently. I’d rather not experience it again anytime soon. That said, I’m still in the throes of unpacking, lugging back and forth the smaller items and cleaning both places. It’s so much fun when the back injury tries to reclaim top spot on attention grabbing ailments while a close second is the thumb that I’m pretty certain has fractured for a third time.

So here’s the pickle: You’ve got this fantastical plan all sussed out down to a science. You’re determined to make the most of March Madness because, hey, this is your month to shine. What do you do when the doo-doo hits the fan?


“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”

~ Allen Saunders ~


We’re near the final lap of this writing race. I had everything in check, several roadblocks got in the way and a stop, drop, and roll later, here we are. I wanted to check-in each day this week. Heck, I wanted to get ample sleep. End of semester projects, assignments, exams, home life, and everything in between has pulled me in all directions, yet I don’t feel as bendy as I used to.

I think that’s what we need to do, though. When someone throws you a curve ball, duck. When you can’t go right, go left. When life gives you lemons, you take them and pelt them back–no, wait. That’s not it.

While I can poke fun at my own predicament, it’s important to remember to be flexible enough to adjust for life’s unexpected diva moments. A part of me wants to take whatever’s left of the old place and just toss it all out, purging the excess from my life. PURPOSEful downsizing is what I’d like to call it. While that will still happen, I know the necessity of sorting through what must stay and go. I was queen of the procrastinating packing party. Now the gravity of the situation has set in, I need to forge ahead.

At the end of the day, I know things are going to get done because they have to get done. In our writing, we know our books will get written because they have to get written. We’ve got those stories to tell, we’ve got deadlines to meet. We can be writers all our lives, but it’s also great to have written. Moreover, we can dream about writing the best novels ever, but without getting those words on the page, that’s all they’ll be–dreams.

So this mea culpa concludes with a renewed commitment. I shall pick up myself up, dust off the excess, the negativity, and the distractions life has tossed my way. Onward, I write, onward I fight.

March ain’t over yet, people. We got a lot left in us, so let’s make the most of this final week and beyond.

With a fond farewell to Week Three,

how, pray tell, doth this week fared with thee?

Please join us again tomorrow on Carol Garvin’s blog.

I hope to be there, too, meanwhile away I slog.

20 thoughts on “MARCH MADNESS Check-In: Day 21

  1. I moved 4 times in a 4 months a little while ago. Your post gave me huge empathy pains. We can’t help it when big life changes get in the way. One of the things that helped me through all that nonsense was keeping at least one little finger on my writing life. It took me a year before I could start writing again, and even now it’s still a struggle. Take good care of that back! ((((lhugs))))

    Still on track with my revision goals. Time to get crackin’. ˆ_ˆ

    • Thanks, Angelina. Although, today, there was more crackin’ of the back than anything else, well, aside from the finger. I am keeping my ear to the ground, though, by staying in touch with the writing community in some way. I’ll get back to it in no time. I just wish it came sooner. 🙂

      Great to hear about your revision goals. If there’s anything that cheers me up is hearing good news from this writing community.

  2. Wow, it’s already been three weeks?! Time flies.

    Yesterday, I hit a bump while revising my wip. I discovered I probably need to scrap an entire 20 pages of my ms! Just too much blah, blah, blah going on. It diverts too far from the main plot, and what little pieces actually propel the story forward can be extracted and dealt with in a graph or two. I think I’ll cut and paste the pages into an “extra file” for another day. It’s good stuff, including a very romantic scene with my MC, but it strays too much. So, killing my darlings isn’t so much a character this time, but words and scenes. Ouch.

    Yay, Tonette and your renewed commitment! I haven’t moved in the past 9 years, but man, I recall those exhausting, energy-sucking times. Here’s to your new start! 🙂

    Happy weekend & write on, Wipsters~

    • I love it when you call 20 pages a ‘bump.’ hehe

      It’s always good to save those bits of goodness. My pack-rat personality also bleeds into the writing world. You never know, you might make a supplementary novella out of it.

      I didn’t mind moving when I was younger. Did it quite a bit, in fact. But back then, all I had to was pick up my Cabbage Patch Kid and my books. The grown ups took care of the rest.

      Thanks for the cheers and cheers to you, as well!

  3. My back started hurting again just reading about your move. I moved 6 months ago. It was a great move. Our first home. Doesn’t make the process of cleaning the old place any more fun. With the hubby at work, the kids at school, and the baby being passed around the neighborhood, I scrubbed floors and cabinets and patched up walls (my son is autistic and has anger issues, but that’s another story). I thought I kept that hole of house clean until everything had been taken out. Sheesh! And I hated that all my spare (not really spare, though) time was taken up with packing, cleaning and unpacking.

    But here I sit, in my new office, in my new house, more than half way through my new wip and all the pain of moving in my rear view. It happens when you’re not looking, you know. Life moves forward and the good overshadows the bad and hard.

    May your future days be filled with poetically reworded cliches. And may your thumb not suffer any more ill-fated cracks.

    Congrats to Linda Butler!

  4. Sorry to hear this move has been so difficult, Tonette. Still hoping things will tie up in that department soon for you and I wish you plenty of peace for the process.

    I think we have a real variety of processes this March…plenty of people who have had their goals side-swiped or changed, plenty where life has gotten in the way, plenty that are making slow but steady progress, and even a few that are ahead of their goals. I think it’s great that we have hosts that are reflecting the many different sides of things as well!

    As for me, I’m feeling a little guilty when I see others struggling, but honestly, the writing/revising has been getting better and better for me this month. I am ahead on my goals, and setting new goals to complete by the end of the month (and even thinking of April’s goals!) But of course things are not always like this for me. I’m experienced the hard times too, so I’m trying very hard to not feel guilty and enjoy this time, however long it may last.

    • Don’t feel guilty, Denise. I love reading about the progress of fellow WIPsters. We’re here for each other to celebrate and commiserate. I’m really happy things are going well. Hearing positive news always gives me hope. 🙂

  5. Moving is a hundred times worse than taxes. Hoping you get things settled soon.

    I’m behind on my goals, mostly due to sleep issues. But it’s a new, sunny day, and I’m going to pull out the notebook to see what I can accomplish unplugged.

    Happy weekend!

    • How’d your unplugged time, go? Sorry to hear about the sleep issues. When I’m not zonked from exhaustion, I lay awake for two reasons: 1) stressing myself out needlessly over planning what to do the next day (especially lately with the move) and 2) my new upstairs neighbors seem to like walking around in steel-toed boots at 1am!!! X-p

  6. I don’t envy you this move. Last summer we helped two of our families move in the space of one month. One was a move of necessity and the other of choice, but both were a huge amount of work. Since our marriage many (many!!) years ago, my DH and I have moved 12 times. None were ever spur-of-the-moment moves but each was traumatic in its own way.

    I’ve heard that moving is one of the major stresses in life, along with marriage/divorce, job changes, major illness, etc. The problem is, life is full of such stresses and we discover it doesn’t give us too many options when it comes to dealing with them. We either have to carry on or drop out. I love your “when life gives you lemons…” advice. You’ll make it through, Tonette, one step at a time. It’s the same way a 250,000-word saga gets written… one word at a time. Just keep moving ahead at whatever pace you’re able to make; and while you’re at it, keep writing, too. Even if it’s a few paragraphs in your journal each day, you’ll find the writing is great therapy. 🙂

    Admittedly, I haven’t moved ahead very far in my WIP this week, but the words are coming. This afternoon I have my writing critique group meeting at my place, so it’s a mixed blessing — no writing time, but a time of renewed focus on the project.

    See you all at ‘my place’ tomorrow.

  7. When I was in college I moved an average of 4-5 times a year. Such a pain. Then I got married and we moved like twice a school year. It wasn’t until we moved to California and after house sitting for his parents while they served a mission in Suriname, South America did we get a condo. Lived there for 8 years and now have been living in our present house for almost 14 years. Crazy! So I understand all about moving. Not my favorite thing. We just helped move my husband’s mom into an independent retirement community. She had like over 60 years worth of stuff to go through. Ugh.

    On the whole being flexible thing, this is hard for me too. I’m a very structured type of person. I blame being a teacher for that. I like to know things in advantage and seriously do get panic attacks if something is just thrown at me.

    My own revision has become a love/hate relationship. I want to be done so I can start querying but know it’s not ready…yet. I need to remember what happens when I query too soon. I end up burning bridges. Not good. I’m almost through with another round of it and will put it aside…again to concentrate on the first draft of another project.

    I do know that for Nanonwrimo I’m going to write something totally different. My goal is to write a YA/NA romance. It’ll be a fun challenge. See, told you I’m totally a planner!

    • Ah, yes. The first of the WriMos draws near. That’s something to look forward to, however, I’ll be tackling revisions rather than working on new material this year. Since I wrote in every NaNo last year, I have plenty to revise! Planning is good, I’ll just ensure I’ve got plenty of wiggle room.

  8. *hugs* Sorry it’s been so rough, Tonette. Not fun!

    Love your “March ain’t over yet” attitude…and I’m grabbing hold of that attitude myself, aiming to really catch up after letting myself get derailed earlier in the month. Thanks for the inspiring words. 🙂

  9. Hope you’re making it through your move unscathed! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and your writing as you push through the craziness. 🙂

    • Thanks. There’s a lot of scathing, but I’m almost through the worst of it. Yesterday was the most physically demanding, but I anticipate April to be much better for this Buckler! 🙂

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