Last Week in Review for 2013

A.K.A. The Preview of the Last Week of 2013


I’m sea sprayed and fa-la-la-la’d out.

And yet, I feel that it was over before I could really get into it.

Since most of this past week was spent in a different hemisphere, I have little to report that isn’t vacationesque. However, I’ll give you the skinny on what I plan on doing this coming week.


I’ve got less than forty-eight hours to round up the highs and lows of my writing adventures for 2013.

On the To Do List:

1) New Year’s Eve 2013 in Review Post for Tuesday.

2) January Goals/New Year’s Day Post for Wednesday.

3) FRIDAY FORAGE Book Review Post for Friday.

4) Assess the writing projects, in order of importance, for January (as part of #2).

5) Pre-plan my posts for March Madness. It’s almost January and before I know it, March will be over!


I need to finish reading my book for the FRIDAY FORAGE post as well as start the next one right away. Unless I have a theme for a particular FORAGE post, they will be book reviews. That should help motivate me to whittle down my TBR list.


As part of Writing #5, I need to think up some snazzy motivational posts for March Madness. I want to infotain my fellow WIPsters. Technically, the research, etc., for this also falls under writing and reading. I like good overlaps.

The next round of ROW80 check-ins start the week of the 5th, so I’ll continue with those every Sunday and Wednesday. My #wipmadness check-ins are also every Monday.


This category is interesting.

Rather than wait for opportunity to find me, I’m going to go after it with a pointy stick. There are slim pickings for someone who’s been a stay-at-home Aunt for the last four years. To help boost the job hunt, I’m taking some courses to get certification in Behavior Intervention as well as Teaching English as a Second Language. There’s a market for people with these skills. While some offer training as you go, I think I might have an upper hand at getting hired if I show I’m certified or in the process of getting certified.

The languages will continue, as will the ukelele, and my (re)new(ed) love for knitting. My schedule’s going to be packed but not like it used to be. Should be interesting.

How will you spend the last days of 2013?

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