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So, I haven’t been all gung-ho on the PlotWriMo scene. I have, however, been using key points to help my WIPs.

Speaking of, I got great feedback on Aaralyn’s Song, my Camp NaNo baby. I think the month away while focused on NaNo really hit the spot and I have renewed energy for this series. There’s more of an edge to the story now and I added new characters and character connections that I think work well.

Case in point, imagine your foster mom was Old Mother Hubbard, only in this story, she’s a cross between Alfred Pennyworth, Alice Nelson, Mrs. Garrett, and Kato. If you don’t know any of these names, clearly you are not a child of the 80’s or campy nostalgia. I recommend a heavy dose of retro tv to whet your appetite.


I’m already a third of the way through Jennifer A. Nielsen‘s The Runaway KingI forgot how much I missed these characters.

Also, I did a lot of blog reading. More on that in the next section.


As promised, I am taking a more active position in networking and I did this by going to EVERY BLOG on the #ROW80 linky. Took me a couple of days, but I got through all twenty-four of them. While I might not be able to do this every week (two check-ins!), I promise to do the complete list monthly and at least a random  handful in each check-in. Of course, I’ll automatically go to my commenters’ sites, as well. It’s good to give back.

I also took lead on modding an author chat tonight at SavvyAuthors. Nice experience. Less pressure for next time. I have to work on the transcripts in the next couple of days (this should be in the writing section) and post them on the forums.


Found new apps that have audio-visual flashcards for the languages I’m learning.

Since there was a flash sale and they were all free, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of getting other languages. You know, for when I expand my repertoire.

Holy hump day, Batman. We’re already  four days into Jingle Bells!

10 thoughts on “A Lil’ Writing Here & There, A Lotta Blog Hoppin’ Everywhere

  1. I want to read more about the foster mom character; she sounds like she probably smells like fresh-baked cookies. Or at least knows how to obtain cookies upon a moment’s notice.

    What languages are you learning? I’m regrettably monolingual except for a smattering of Spanish and a couple phrases in French that are more or less useless. And I can speak a bit of Mandalorian — a language from Star Wars so, uh, I guess there’s some geek credit to be had there?

    • Hiya.

      Mother Hubbard (she’ll give you a glare if you add the Old) is quickly becoming one of my favorite secondary characters. In fact, as with most stories, shows, and films I love, the secondary characters tend to shine a bit brighter than the main. Especially if they’re scene-stealers. For instance, I heart the Dowager Countess of Grantham (and not just because Maggie Smith is sublime). She gets the best lines and delivers them flawlessly.

      I’m currently learning (and re-learning) French, German, and Spanish. German is proving to be the most challenging. No, I take that back. Although, I’ve paused it for the moment, I’m also learning Mandarin, so I think that takes the cake. Mandalorian might come in handy. You never know. I have an untouched Klingon dictionary that needs perusing. I plan on learning as many extraterrestrial languages as I can, as well. Who knows when spaceflight becomes more affordable? 😉

  2. I’m intrigued by the story. And the flash apps.

    Hooray on all the accomplishments – visiting EVERY ROWer! Modding a chat? Wow!

    I love your humor and energy. May this week bring lots of delight! =D

    • Cheers for the delight.

      Some delight was had. There were days that were less than enjoyable. To bad you didn’t wish for more energy. It was tapped out towards the weekend. 🙂

    • Thanks.

      Hope your week went well. For obvious reasons, it’s a busy time of year. I hope to continue at least half the visits. Like me, there are many writers out there who doth the lengthier posts. 🙂

  3. Speaking of TV . . . I’m off to watch “just one more episode” of Dr. Who will my daughter before heading to Dreamland.

    All the best as Round 4 winds to a close.

    Kudos to you for doing so much visiting. This really is a supportive writing community.


    • This truly is a wonderful writing community.

      Let me know what episode/series you’re on with the good Doctor. I people say it’s ten days until Christmas, but it’s also ten until Eleven becomes Twelve. *gulp* I don’t think I’m ready.

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