Week in Review – 2013/10/07 – 2013/10/20, Pt. 1



Yes, you read that correctly.

My usual Week In Review is going to run a little differently this time around. To avoid any eye bleeds, I’ll split up what’s happened in the last two weeks over three instalments.


Greetings, gentle readers. Long time, no blog post. When I went back east a couple weeks ago, I didn’t realize that the internet would be an issue. I was all set to continue writing and blogging. However, life–and a full-on vacation–happened.

Let me start with many a mea culpa for the unexpected absence. It was just as unexpected for me, too. But as soon as I missed the first blog post and realized that it was out of my control, I let the tension slip away and for the first time since I began blogging and doing all these writing challenges, I truly went off-grid.

You know what?

I liked it.

I’d almost forgotten what it was like to live away from a notebook or computer screen.

It all began with a Red Eye to Toronto on the 10th. More like Dry Eye. All the moisture sucked out of me in a most uncomfortable four hour plane ride. Still, the Sisterhood and I were chuffed to get on our way. We even had an unplanned twinsies moment with coordinated outfits. No probs. They went with our matching grins and giddiness at the prospect of travel.

We left Vancouver before 2300 PST, Thursday in order to maximize our Friday by arriving in Toronto around 0600 EST. I was excited, bordering antsy. I hadn’t been back to that side of our home and native land in eighteen years.

I decided to mull over what I’d write for my FRIDAY FORAGE post, as I’d been excited to use the trip as inspiration. I also realized that I’d want to experience the day before writing the post (to gain said inspiration) but that was not to be. Instead, I was greeted with a crisp autumnal morning befitting Ontario standards.

The day bloomed into a beautiful climate–as though mocking the dreariness I’d left behind in Vancouver–and I spent every waking moment squeeing at how much and how little things had changed in nearly two decades. We had two hours of non-waking moments for a much needed snooze at the Sisterhood’s Bestie’s house (who was also gracious enough to pick us up at the airport).

The graciousness continued with ahMAHzing food at Canoe Restaurant.

The view wasn’t bad either.


As the sun sank below the horizon, we walked through downtown to get to our next major destination–on DAY ONE, mind you–and the much needed calorie burning trek did little to calm the nerves for what was next to come.


The Sisterhood and I make it a point to see the play whenever it’s in town or whatever town we might find ourselves in. As a storyteller, I’m always keen to see how this masterpiece is interpreted by the various players. While the set has since changed because of the movie, I’m still in awe of live theatre.

I tread the boards, once upon a time, but not in anything so grandiose. I appreciate the hard work that goes into it. Also, I never leave this play without bawling at least three times. I could say it was the exhaustion of travel, but the performances were surreal and I believe I cried harder that night than at any of the previous performances I’ve seen, and I’ve seen it five times. Fortunately, there were new cast members each time so it’s been a real treat.

Was the Red Eye worth it? Yes. Was it a good idea to take the nap midday? Definitely. Was it super fun times jam packed into a single day? Positutely!

We even had a chance to mingle with the cast after the show. By mingle I mean gush at seeing them come out the stage doors behind the theatre and pose for pics and sign autographs.

To cap off the wonderful day, us siblings partook in late night munchies. Awesome nachos via room service.


I would be remiss if I didn’t put some update into this post, even if I had to divvy up all the deets of my trip. If you’re still reading, big hugs.


Nothing major in the official new output capacity. But I did plenty of brainstorming and exploratory writing for the upcoming Entangled Smackdown over at SavvyAuthors. I also crafted a plethora of new ideas, character sketches, and interesting scenarios for possible use in upcoming stories, as well. It’s hard not to be inspired with such diverse culture all around. Thanks, Toronto.

Despite the delays in my prep work, I’m pleased to say the forums are working for me again and I can make ample use of the well-timed workshops in the two weeks we have left before the writing challenge begins. I’ll be scrambling to catch up due to my time away from technology, but at least this compressed preparation will get the creative juices flowing.


Due to the off-grid situation, I had to drop the Coursera class Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World. I didn’t want to leave my classmates hanging while I submitted assignments a week after the deadline. Not cool, even if it is for a non-credit class. I’ve added the class to my watchlist and will take it when it becomes available again.

In the meantime, I have plenty of reading material on my endless TBR list to tide me over.


I didn’t get a chance to network much while in Toronto, but I’ve recently discovered just how much the Sisterhood posted me or tagged me in various realms of social media to document our travels. So, I suppose we can say I networked by proxy.


Would you believe I kept up with Duolingo? In those moments before I drifted off to a deep sleep after a long day out, I became a polyglot. My dreams–if I remembered any of them during the vacay–probably took place at the United Nations.


So, that’s a glimpse of what’s been up in my world, as of late.

Tune in tomorrow, as I recap more highlights of my romp back east.


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