The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 48 Report



Two days of my life. Two days I shall never get back. However, these were two days I dove without a parachute into various worlds and interacted, nay, deliciously stalked some very intriguing and sometimes detestable people. Sure they were all made up and as a PSA, don’t ever go without a parachute (though I think you’re safe in the deep end of a pool), but it was an interesting experience.

First, the deets:

Hours Read (since 11pm): 2.00ish (running total: 28.50 hours)

Admittedly, I slept through an alarm I forgot to set.

Hours Blogged (since 11pm): 2.00 (running total: 5.00 hours)

When I’d all but given up on my vision, I decided to mock myself by trying to commiserate with fellow masochists on their reading quests and went blog/tweet hopping.

Pages Read Total: 2,200 or thereabouts 

Stopped counting after a revelation this morning. More on that after the jump.

*NOTE: There is no jump, but I see that on websites all the time and felt like saying it here. Oooh, maybe the NOTE is the jump. JUMPCEPTION.

Hours Written (since 11pm): 1.50 (running total since challenge started: 10.00) I have workshop assignments that fit nicely with my current Fractured Fairytale Series. so I figured with all those birds in the air, and again, I have no ill-will towards any winged creature,  who needs a stone when you can throw a boulder? Okay, a smallish rock, but whatever.

Total Hours Logged for #48HBC: 33.50 hours

Not gonna lie. I used my onboard calculator to add those two running totals up. It’s a good thing, too. My muddled brain insisted it was 32.50 hours. Go figure.

My take away from this event:

The physical, mental, and emotional drain: BOO.

I can read text again without having to squint and/or widen my eyeball flappers: YAY.

I saw a dip in my daily word counts for JuNoWriMo and Kiwi Writers SocNoC: BOO.

I anticipated that, got over it, and discovered so many great books. YAY.

I discovered so many great books… that are to be added to the endless TBR list at which I painstakingly chip away: BOO.

Endless TBR list? Challenge accepted: YAY.

I thought I’d have a mental reprieve before the next reading challenge 30 Books in 90 Days starts on June 23rd, but the writing challenge 25,000 Words in 7 Days starts tomorrow: BOO.

Seriously? I’m chuffed about my Fractured Fairytale Series and need to up those word counts anyway. Hello boulder: YAY.

I learned that I don’t qualify for prizes for #48HBC because I’m Canadian: BOO.

That came out wrong, but you know how self-deprecating us Northerners can be. Still, the prize of reading (sounds lame, really isn’t) and getting together with other like minds to share in the joy of storytelling? That’s a YAY and a double rainbow in my book.

So, I didn’t get to read much anymore today. I was actually part of “The Quest for the Missing Bowling Shoes.” While that could be a one-act play, it’s actually a pair of missing hoof covers that my brother needs for his birthday bowling party later today. The search continues, but lucky me, I got to rest my eyes by trekking through dusty storage. I think I’ve maimed my tear ducts enough this weekend. Especially with all the feels in emotional passages, I’ve had to put a stopper in my ocular saline drip on several occasions already.

In summary, June has been kind to me, thus far. So many writing and reading challenges available. But I might not have been as kind because I continue to join each one I come across. Meh, I relish in the masochism, laugh in the face of deadlines–and weep every now and then at progress as much as stumbling blocks. Rinse and repeat. Such is the writer’s life.

I hope everyone enjoyed–yes, in spite of this mishmash post, I quite enjoyed myself, thank you very much–reading up on great books for the last two days. I don’t want them back. I want more.

Here’s to books, the cheapest way to travel–time or destination–and the easiest way to meet the zaniest people in this world and beyond.

Happy reading, everyone!

12 thoughts on “The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 48 Report

  1. Glad to hear you had fun! It is definitely a marathon and I’m always wiped out after, but it does so many good things for my blog and my TBR pile and connecting to other bloggers that I keep doing it again and again.

    • Thanks, Misti! Also, there are some great titles I spotted on your blog. Looking forward to expanding my TBR list to accomodate. For starters, JINX looks intriguing. Happy reading!

    • Not to mention my sleep and what’s left of my coherence. My motor skills have returned to normal-ish, though. A week an a half before the next big reading challenge. At least there’s more time for me to lose sleep with that challenge. haha

  2. Amazing total! It’s cool how many challenges you’re participating in. I could barely do this one this year!

    • You mean this month or for the year?

      At least this time, my writing is focused on a single series (two to three books therein) rather than two separate stories in different genres (which I did in April).

      Let’s just say I like to push myself to do better. If anything, I’ve never been as productive in my writing as I’ve been in the last year and a half, the last three months, especially.

      I’ll keep on keepin’ on until I can’t keep on no more. 😉

  3. That’s an impressive number of hours! By hearing about everyone else’s reading, I think I added more books to my TBR pile than I finished. Oh, well. It was lots of fun, wasn’t it? I liked you calling it the “Endless TBR List Challenge.” 🙂


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