The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 36 Report


Good grief.

Books are work. No truer words coming from a writer! 🙂

Thank goodness for the audiobook option. Multitasking never sounded so good as I spent over eight hours diving into the world of Harry Potter as told by the wonderful Stephen Fry. Awesometastic way to get through the tasks of the day.

I’m tired. Can’t process. Twelve hours to go. Must go on!!!

Hours Read (since 11am): 10.25 (running total: 26.50 hours)

Hours Blogged (since 11am: 1.00 (running total: 3.00 hours)

Pages Read Total: 2,040 (Hope I did that right. I looked numbers up on Goodreads or Amazon for all the digital stuff).

Hours Written (since 11am): 4.50 (running total since challenge started: 8.50) This doesn’t count towards any #48HBC goals but I needed to continue my existing writing challenges so it helped that Mr. Fry was there to ‘read’ to me while I got to work.

Total Hours Logged for #48HBC so far: 29.50 hours

My brain hurts. My eyes hurt. My limbs hurt. Not sure if this post makes a lick of sense, I’m so tired. But I’ve been having the most amazing dreams. Works best when you read well into the night and fall asleep with the ereader or actual book on your face. True story.

Tomorrow, I think I’m going to cave and read a graphic novel. I miss pictures. Pretty, pretty–or sometimes gory, horrifying why the frak am I see these–pictures. A graphic novel might be just the thing to help me in the home stretch. I think tonight I’ll dream of words. Just words on a page swimming and attacking each other. Hmm. I think I can turn that into a story… be back later.

5 thoughts on “The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 36 Report

  1. Oh man…lol…I LOVE your update. Not that I love that you are tired and sore and brain fried, but sure enjoy how you shared your state of being with us. Read ON, man, Read ON!

    Way to go on keeping up with your writing challenge!

    • Indeed I shall, but anon. (Yeah, I had a little MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING playing in the background last night. I think that summed up my situation.) But it was nice fuel. Nothing like some Tennant and Tate to keep me going. This morning turned out differently as planned. More on that later. 😉

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