#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/05/15

The month is half gone. Before I know it, I’ll be hearing Christmas carols on the radio. These past couple of weeks, I tried something different. I’ve been offline more than on and, despite missing the online writing community (and, admittedly, falling behind in my workshops), it’s been a refreshing experience.

I’ve missed the analog world. Even though not everything was a leisurely pursuit, the simple fact of kickin’ it old school gave my brain and digits a much needed rest after such an intense write-a-palooza. The timing is nice, too, because July’s Camp NaNo is creeping up fast. I’d like to spend the next two weeks in continuous planning, worldbuildling, & drafting mode for my fairytale series but at a much less intense pace as April.

For the month of June, I’d like to get organized and truly prepare for Camp. Previous instalments had my prep going from a few days to just under a week. While I’ve won every NaNo I’ve joined, I think I can achieve so much more with some solid organization–with room to play, of course. And by play, I mean wiggle room, not actual play, though, fun is to be had but this tangent has fallen off another tangent…

Anyhoo, onto the Reading Challenge. THEODORE BOONE by John Grisham and THE PECULIAR by Stefan Bachmann. Two very different books and with characters from very different realities. Since, my writing has fallen in the realm of fantastical, as of late, I find myself immediately drawn to the peculiarities of THE PECULIAR. Add to that, a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family that we had playing in the background of our hotel while in Seattle this weekend. I’m really digging the genre and hope I can sink my teeth into something special with my upcoming fairytale series. THEODORE BOONE, however, is slightly different. I’m having a bit of trouble connecting with the narrative voice. I’m still chugging through it as the plot is interesting but I hope I find some emotional pull to the characters soon. Of course, more on these books in Monday’s post for the #middlegrademay check-in on Deb Marshall’s site.

Until Sunday, fellow #ROW80 friends, Happy Hump Day and see you on the weekend!


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