Week in Review – 2013/04/08 – 2013/04/14

Week Two in my Write-a-palooza is history and I lived to blog about it.

Yesterday was the first #NaNoThon and I chugged out the words. My friend for this event was iA Writer. So good. Distraction free writing with no temptation to check the internet. Better yet, I used the iA Writer iPad App so it gave me a different feel and motivation to up those word counts. A feel good moment rounding out the night with good numbers for both novels, 13, 481 words in total. If I keep this pace, I actually might finish the stories in fifteen days. That is, by Monday. Wouldn’t that be a riot? If that were to happen I think I’d continue on to Book Two in my fairy tale mash-up. I’ve been dreaming up characters this past week and am excited for the second subplot in Book Three already!

Updated stats per my goals for this writerly journey. The deets of my original goals can be found here and here.

Camp NaNoWriMo April, 2013 – Current word count, not including Sunday’s totals = 33, 296 (I wrote 17, 079 words this week.)

Savvy Authors April Boot Camp – Current word count not including Sunday’s totals = 33, 976 (I wrote 19, 385 words this week.)

Blogging A to Z Challenge – A through L posted

Round of Words in 80 Days – Two Mid-Week Check-Ins and Two Sunday Check-Ins (including today)

Excited at the progress.

I did surpass my goals of doubling my word counts. I would like to finish my novels by next weekend and get a head start on my next writing projects during the last week of April. I figure why stop now? I think there were a couple days during the week when I felt things petering off, but I’ve gotten my second and third winds now. It helps to have a great family to give you the recharge necessary to forge ahead.

I think I’ll spend today reviewing my remaining blog drafts and do more character research. Diving into these characters’ minds has been the most fun this month.

There’s another Camp NaNo and Savvy Authors Boot Camp coming in July. The months in between will have me revising previous WIPs, then kaPOW, I’ll be primed for the next round of finger-numbing, wrist-aching, head-scratching story creation.

Should be a blast.


8 thoughts on “Week in Review – 2013/04/08 – 2013/04/14

  1. WOW! Loads of energy going on here! Congrats on the doubling of the wordcount and for keeping up with all three challenges – CampNaNo, Savvy Authors bootcamp, and the A-Z blogging. Do you have something nice in mind as a reward for all the hard work?

    • Publication would be grand! LOL Would it surprise you if I said I want to keep writing? If I have time there are a couple short story contests that have April 30 deadlines. I think the surge of adrenalin helps me churn out some great moments (after I clear out the cruddy ones! LOL). I’m glad that #ROW80 continues after April. It will be nice to chronicle my writing journey during the fifty days after and beyond.

  2. Thank you. I couldn’t back down considering my declaration to TwitterLand. I probably won’t blog as incessantly after April, but I shall keep everyone apprised of the journey as it unfolds. 🙂

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