Week in Review – 2013/04/01 – 2013/04/07

Seven days into my write-a-palooza and I’m pleased as punch. While I don’t know what that means exactly, I for one, am happy at the response to my blogged and Twitterisms. It gives me courage to continue spilling forth my inner monologue to those willing to read. To all of you, my heartfelt thanks.

Some stats per my goals for this writerly journey. The deets can be found here and here.

Camp NaNoWriMo April, 2013 – Current word count, not including Sunday’s totals = 16, 217

Savvy Authors April Boot Camp – Current word count not including Sunday’s totals = 14, 141

Blogging A to Z Challenge – A through F posted

Round of Words in 80 Days – Checked in last Wednesday and this post serves as the Sunday Check in.

Not too shabby, considering some snafus with lost work, busy schedules with the family, oh, and life, in general.

Renewed goals would be to try and double my word counts by next Sunday. I also want to get a head start on writing my alphabet posts for the week. One of my workshops has us doing some characterization exercises, plotting, etc., so I’m trying to do double-duty where I can or apply it to an existing project so there aren’t too many hats in the ring, as it were.

One of my short stories is being primed in a workshop that aims to have it published on Smashwords and Amazon. I didn’t think that was to be my first published piece, but I’m proud of it just the same. I’m sure many authors have their pet projects that were meant to be the inaugural story in their writing careers. I hope to one day revisit those works and apply the skills I have acquired over the years that have made me a better writer. Who knows, those stories might see beyond my own imaginings and come out to play. Anything’s possible. After all, I did join a humor contest at the start of March which ended up with three of my pieces being published on a website. I might as well get used to my work being out there for public consumption.

April’s been a great month so far and it’s not even halfway through. How are everyone’s writing goals progressing so far? Are there any additions? Any amendments? Any hair-pulling and commiseration that you wish to share? I’m happy to ‘listen’ and read.

Cheers to a great first week and I hope that the next one is just as splendiferous.


One thought on “Week in Review – 2013/04/01 – 2013/04/07

  1. When we get pass worrying about the snafus and just go for those things that inspire us and fill our passions, good things do happen. Looks like you found that out on your own. Congrats!

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