Blog Post, The First

Hello, World.

In five days, I will embark on a grand journey of writerly proportions. I made a declaration on Twitter, so it’s for realsies, folks. TWO STORIES, ONE MONTH, and ME. And I will blog about the experience. Why, you ask? Last year I completed drafts for a screenplay, two novels, and a short story. I could have said that this year would be the year of revisions, but why stop there? I always have a story brewing. I want to push the creative envelope and it just so happens that April is packed with creative envelope pushing opportunities.

Last night, however, I added something new to the mix. I’d seen tweets and posts about the Blogging A to Z challenge. In order to do that, I needed an actual blog, so here we are.

In the next three days, I’ll share with you more information about:

1) Camp NaNoWriMo (
2) Savvy Authors April Boot Camp (
3) Blogging A to Z Challenge (

And on the eve of this epic feat, I’ll tell you more about the stories I’ll be working on for these challenges.

April. Thirty Days of Words. It’s going to be intense.

Thanks for coming with me,


2 thoughts on “Blog Post, The First

  1. Tonette,

    I love your goals and your enthusiasm.

    I, too, am embroiled in stories and challenges. I am using A to Z to play with two WIPs I hope to write during the July CampNaNo. For April Camp NaNo, I am attempting to complete three previously winning NaNo efforts. I am also sponsoring ROW80 this round, upping my blogging game, and revising a book of poetry and three flash fiction pieces….

    I understand liking to stay busy! =)

    May your round be fertile and joyful as you strive toward your goals.

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