And on the Seventh Day…

The Hong Kong Experience: Day 07

2014/12/29 @21h02 HK time

A.K.A. Sick Day

Whelp, the Big Guy Upstairs rested after a week, so who am I to argue?

Also, I caught a stomach bug. The trade off? The street food was delicious.


Despite the excruciating pain of my insides being ripped out, I lost about five pounds, so yay.


Previously on The Hong Kong Experience…

The air up there. So much insight despite the lack of oxygen. Maybe that’s the only way we can get really philosophical. ūüėČ

Analyzing the world from different perspectives can give us new ideas and breakthroughs.


On the seventh¬†day of Christmas–vacay–my stomach¬†said to me,


(Well, not really. It felt more like a velociraptor screeching while doing the Macarena in my gut.)


And the adventure continues…

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