A to Z Challenge 2013 – S is for…


Three words that every writer needs to hear whether they want to or not. And if you choose to ignore these three very important words, you can lose thousands more. Let this short and sweet post serve as a cautionary tale.

Sure, there’s the odd chance that you can regurgitate the scenes from frenzied memory recall. And after that panicked hack job and blistered fingers, there’s the slim possibility that you wrote something even better and inspired but then you spend the next fifteen minutes cursing that it happened in the first place.

Or in my case, third place. Since January. Grr, much?

Please, please, please. Make sure you save your work on various devices. Flash drives, SD Cards, External hard drives. Remember when I posted about my Bug-Out Bag? I wish I could say that was a preventative measure. Alas, I like learning the hard way–repeatedly.

It makes me sad to know how much time and as many pages I’ve wasted. Now, people might think I’m being paranoid, but I’m just being hypervigilant when I save the document every so often. After a paragraph, after a sentence. You know, you can never be too careful.

Again. Super duper important. Save your work before it’s too la



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