A to Z Challenge 2013 – Q is for…



When you have a word count target to reach within a short timeframe, you’re taught that you need to get those words out now and worry about editing later. In theory, this makes sense. I reached my targets in half the allotted time: an extra (and slightly masochistic) challenge I gave myself this writing month. I wrote eighty thousand words for two different novels in fifteen days and I am proud of this accomplishment. This feat was in addition to my daily blog challenge and other writerly obligations, the details of which you can get a refresher here.

In the two weeks left in April, I can easily continue with those stories because they are far from over but I want to take a moment to reflect on what I’ve written so far. I’ve tried to make each moment count in my stories. Besides, after slogging away at the keyboard for a month, do I really want to drown myself in extensive editing that I could have otherwise avoided had I put more thought into the drafting process?

This is why quality over quantity is so important. And I will keep this in mind for the latter half of this writing month. I still have letters R through Z for the blogging challenge and there are a couple of short story anthology submissions due at the end of the month that have caught my eye. When it is so easy to produce first draft vomit, do you choose to get out the words that matter or the words that hardly matter, at all?

What are your thoughts on the whole quality versus quantity debate?


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