The Hong Kong Experience: Days 0.5 & 01

A.K.A. Winding Up to Wind Down

2014/12/23 @06h45 HK time

Dearly beloved, greetings and salutations.

I can say, in no uncertain terms,that as much as 2014 has blurred by, it was also jam packed with highs, lows, lefts and rights. You will forgive me for not writing sooner. Admittedly, I’d make a terrible penpal and need to work on that.

My full report in the forthcoming Year in Review post aims to cover all that we’ve accomplished this year, but in the meantime, some holiday funtimes and shenanigans with Papa Bear, the Mothership, and Sestra Menor for the rest of the year shall provide us with writing fodder aplenty.

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