MondayMusings: Shop Miss A Product Review

First Impressions & Mini-Review: AOA Studio Kabuki Face Brushes


Hello, lovelies!

I received my first #shopmissa haul in the beginning of April. As you can see from my Instagram pic above, I certainly have my reviewing work cut out for me.

Today’s first impressions and mini-review features the AOA Studio Kabuki Face Brushes.

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MondayMusings: Customer Disservice

A.K.A. The Occasional Woes of Online Shopping

Happy Monday, all… sorta. I could say I have a bone to pick, but that would imply that I can get a hold of said bone.

There is a hashtag going around the Interwebs known as #youtubemademebuyit and it can be found on blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram or Twitter feeds. You name it. This type of tag can work both ways. It can be one of those, “YAY! I finally got my hands on [insert product here] that everyone’s been talking about!” or “BOO! What was with all the hype of [insert product here]?” Alas, my share today is leaning towards the BOO side of things.

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