A to Z Challenge 2013 – G is for…


For those unfamiliar with the tube, today’s theme is

~ Google ~

The myth, the legend, the way we ask questions, nowadays.

Sometimes, we can just click ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and let Google Magic 8-Ball our way to answers.

Remember this?


I’m always entertained by the lovely Megan Crewe’s Tumblr, and March 28th’s pic was no exception. Google hss changed the way we research, the way we inquire. Heck, it’s changed the way we communicate.

Google. A noun, a verb, a process, a way of life.

Just like that prehistoric method of Googling, I wonder what Google’s Google will be in the decades to come. I’m thinking ocular implant. And if you’re feeling lucky, all you need to do is

Who’s with me? Um, so do I need to get a patent on this invention?


Today’s theme is brought to you by the letter