A to Z Challenge 2013 – E is for…


Some strong language and themes present, but a must see. Just lower the volume if the kiddies are about. Viewer discretion advised.

This post is not meant to be a feminist rant. I believe Katie Makkai showed, with commanding eloquence, the need to break free from the stereotypes that have become the norm in society. We are not and should not be defined by anyone but ourselves. Every person, regardless of age, race, social standing, sexual orientation, or religion has a right to empowerment.

As writers, it is our duty to use our words wisely. Words have power. We have a unique platform and wide-reaching audience. Rather than try to fit into a worn and outdated mold, we have the ability to break it. We can see to it that our message, as writers, reaches every person to remind them who they are in this world.

What are your thoughts on the video? What does empowerment mean to you as a writer and as a person?


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