A to Z Challenge 2013 – K is for…

This writing year started off with a bang. Inspirational words from quite a charismatic little man keep me motivated each day. Today’s message is a simple one. It aims to motivate and renew the spark that brought you on this writing journey with me. Now that we’re nearing the halfway mark of this writing extravaganza, I think it might be time for a pep talk courtesy of your


To echo my message from day one: in writing, in life let’s strive to be more awesome.


Today’s theme is brought to you by the letter


A to Z Challenge 2013 – A is for…

The beginning of the alphabet. The first letter in April, a blogtastic month. What shall we discuss today, pray tell?



Originally, I wanted to post my favorite video courtesy of Kid President, but that can wait until we get to the letter “K”. 🙂


On this day, I will be more awesome.

From this day forward, I strive to be more awesome.

This month is a big writing month for me. As I posted previously, I started this blog to chronicle my journey towards two novel drafts in April. I’ll be tweeting word count updates daily, if possible, and of course, blogging about it all. Yes, the irony is not lost on me that all of this commences on the Day of Fools. I laugh at this day and reclaim it as the Day of Awesome!

This past week has been wonderfully awesome for me. I’m getting the hang of the blogging life. I’m excited of the stories waiting to come out this month. And I’m already building a following of people who appreciate me as much as I appreciate sharing my thoughts with them.

Much love to all of you for that.

Special shout out goes to Arlee Bird for founding such an awesome event. I look forward to many more blogging challenges to come.

So, fellow bloggers, how’s your first day of awesome going? Let me know your awesome goals for the month of April. 🙂


Today’s theme is brought to you by the letter