Mary’s Boy Child

The Hong Kong Experience: Day 04

2014/12/26 @20h30 HK time

Guess what? The frenzied pace the day before Christmas is just as wackadoo as Christmas Day here in Hong Kong, the only difference being there are more Asian Santas milling about on the 25th than the adjacent days.


Previously on The Hong Kong Experience…

Crash! Bang! Boom!

And was just that one lady trying to edge her way to a display table.

In the Shoppers’ Battle Royale, no one is safe. Not even children, and yowza are some of them snooty! Their ‘rents are starting the awesome attitudes young.

People know what they want, what they think they want, and somehow convince themselves that wanting what they want is what they want. It’s a Christmas shopping miracle.


On the fourth day of Christmas–vacay–my father said to me,

“Aren’t those harassed jeans?”

And the adventure continues…

No, father dearest, the term is ‘distressed jeans’ and while we’re on the topic

1) do not ever purchase them for yourself or any of us, and

2) if we’re talking harassed, I’m starting to feel worse than those jeans.

My tenure in the customer service and retail world gave me a whole new respect for the store/consumer dynamic because I could see how the cogs worked on both sides of the machine.

However, over the years, commercialism seemed to prove dominant in the race for our attention and we lost sight of the true significance of December 25th.

Anyone with something to say about the global economic crisis should come to Hong Kong and see that they seemed to have missed the memo.

Today is a short but sweet post because I enjoyed how completely ordinary our day was. While I miss the fact that the Brotherhood and his brood aren’t with us this year for Christmas, I know they’re having fun making new memories and the kids are coming into their own.

Not being able to see my dad all year round isn’t the most ideal but we know how hard he works to provide for us. So, it’s nothing for me to make the time to go with him wherever he needs to go: the tailor, down the street, through the mall. It doesn’t matter. Jet-lagged exhaustion will not keep me from a simple gesture with a big impact.

This day means different things to different people. For some, there is religious significance, while others view this as a stat holiday full of work-related stress. Others still just call it another day of the week. Whatever the case may be, today, more than ever, I appreciate of the importance of family.

Sure it’s nice to get gifts this time of year, but what I treasure most are the times I get to spend with those most important to me. And sure, if it takes a little baby boy in a manger to remind people what the season is all about, go for it. I have a soft spot for cute and adorable babies. They have the potential to grow up and change the world.

Until next time…

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