“It’s an honor just being nominated.”

And that’s the truth.

Barely a month out of the gate and I’m privileged TWICE to be nominated for awards: The Liebster Award and the Very Inspiring Blog Award, respectively. The Liebster apparently goes to blogs with fewer than 200 followers, though I’ve seen varying numbers on different blogs. The Most Inspiring Blog Award, from the blogs I’ve seen, doesn’t have a follower limit. Because I couldn’t find enough blogs with fewer than 200 followers, I decided to nominate blogs because I enjoy them and believe they deserve the kudos. 🙂

The Liebster Award Rules:

1) Put blog award on blog, thank person who gave the award and link back to their blog.

2) List 11 random facts about yourself.

3) Answer the 11 Questions from the person who gave you the award. (Thanks, Julia!)

4) Nominate 11 bloggers you want to pass the award to. (I’m fudging and some blogs have more than 200 followers, but they deserve the award.)

5) Post 11 Questions to them.


(with thanks to Julia. Her awesome blog can be found here.)

11 Random Facts About Me:

1) I dislike anthropomorphic cartoons (i.e. when bugs, rocks etc., have humanlike faces). Also, the Baby Sun in Teletubbies.

2) In line with this, I do not like clowns.

3) I have a habit of triple checking (or more) an item in my bag, thinking I left it at home, knowing I have it with me, assured it is with me because I. Just. Checked. It.

4) When I was nine years old, I was at Sir David Lean’s home in London and held his Oscars for The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) and Lawrence of Arabia (1962). (It was one of those ‘I want one of these’ moments that later became a driving force in my writing career.) Look at that. He had two awards, I now have two awards. The world is filled with awesome. 🙂

5) At aged six, I was in a department store with my mom. We roamed the toy section and I asked her if she could buy me a little sister. True story.

6) I love kids. We get along great. Brain twins, and all that. I love my nephew and niece, aka the Keysmashing Tots and they inspire me everyday.

7) I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Outside of that, I wanted to be a teacher.

8) I’m a globetrotting mutt. I’m multicultural, also having lived and learned on three continents.

9) I had a couple of distinct déjà vu moments as a child with recollections of events and locations (some of which I’d never been to or seen a picture of beforehand).

10) My Oma let us know she passed on. Short version of this day was: smoke detectors went off in the house and Dad took out the batteries one by one. They kept beeping until the phone rang and Opa told us she was gone. At that exact moment, the beeping stopped.

11) I worked in film for a time when I moved to Vancouver, BC. It’s a humbling experience working eighteen to twenty hours in the freezing rain with the occasional thrill of cleaning up celebrity garbage. Good times, though. It was like living inside the DVD Extras of a movie.

11 Liebster Award Nominations (i.e. My turn to share the love):













11 Questions for You People of AwesomeTown:

1) Book or movie?

2) Book first or movie first?

3) If you weren’t writing/blogging, what is your passion?

4) Are you doing what you’ve wanted to do in life, if not, why not? (If so, yay you!)

5) If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it? (Any and all answers… the zanier, the better!)

6) What’s your favorite mode of transportation?

7) What is your earliest memory?

8) Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

9) What is your writing process? Plotter/pantser?

10) Do you have quirky writing rituals?

11) Quick, what number am I thinking of right now? Just kidding. Real question. And don’t think about it. What do you wish for right now?

Thanks for this award. I look forward to hearing everyone’s responses. I will do the notifications over the weekend, fingers crossed.


The Very Inspiring Blog Award Rules:

1) Link back to the person who gave you the award.

2) State 7 Things About Yourself.

3) Nominate 15 Bloggers.


(with gratitude to Tommia’s Tablet. Check out her blog here.)

7 Things About Me (Hmm… aside from the 11 already mentioned above):

1) Last year I participated in Script Frenzy, Camp NaNoWriMo, and NaNoWriMo. I ended the year with drafts (now in various stages of revision) for an Alternate History Thriller Screenplay, an MG Urban Fantasy Adventure, a YA Thriller, and an Urban Fantasy Short Story.

2) Last month, I wrote two novels at the same time: Contemporary Fiction and a YA Fairytale Mashup. I did these writing challenges at the same time as the Blogging A to Z Challenge, so I blogged everyday, too. *phew*

3) I love my online writing community. Social media is a newer thing for me, but the last couple months have been fantabulous.

4) I love pizza. I can and have eaten it all day (not in massive quantities but during each meal.)

5) I learned the hard way that I’m allergic to cats. Super puffy eyes and closed throat. However, I think I may have outgrown it. That bad experience was when I was a child.

6) I cry easily if I find a connection in anything from a story to a film to a television commercial. Emotional hooks. Gah!

7) I love to travel and am a foodie. I’d rather do these than go clubbing.

15 Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominations:
















What a wonderful start to a busy week. This weekend my sister and I have taken the Mothership to Seattle for a Mother’s Day mini-vacation. After the frenzied writing of April, May’s been filled with a lot of RL events that remind me how wonderful my family is. It’s always good to recharge. I’m offline a lot this month, but the writing continues. 🙂

Again, humbled and honored for these awards. Thank you for feeding the writing muse!

13 thoughts on ““It’s an honor just being nominated.”

  1. Congratulations on your awards. It’s nice to learn more about the person who is behind the blog. I also had some supernatural experiences with messages from beyond and i worked in a movie production also, although smaller than yours for sure.

  2. Congrats on the awards, Tonette, and thanks for nominating me!

    Is “Teletubbies” still on?! Everything about that show creeps me out. :p (And yes, so do clowns.)

    • It was an honor nominating you. 🙂 I’m always learning something new with your posts/podcasts. And I enjoy our #WQOTD exchanges. Keeps the storm in the brain brewing for my WIPs.

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