A to Z Challenge 2013 – T is for…

~ TED Talks ~

I’m a huge fan of TED Talks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Guest speakers tackle an array of subjects and present it in a highly informative and entertaining way. I like to call it INFOTAINMENT. I featured one for the Letter O. The only way to truly understand the magnitude of these awesome talks is to take the time and watch them. On average they’re about fifteen to twenty minutes in length and they’re a real eye opener. I have just a sampling of the greatness out there and I hope you enjoy them. I could easily post a commentary for each but there’s just so much brain candy in these vids that I believe they speak for themselves.

Ze Frank’s Web Playroom

Elaine Lui: The Sociology of Gossip

Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn From Kids

Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

JJ Abrams: The Mystery Box

These conferences are amazing and thanks to the wonderful and mystifying interweb, we have a huge library to watch at a moment’s notice. Just another reason why I love our global community.

Have you watched TED Talks? Do you have any favorites? Some people have posted in the past that if TED was a school, they’d go to it. I know I certainly would. We definitely need more outlets of information such as TED Talks.


TED’s slogan is ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, and I couldn’t agree more.


Today’s theme is brought to you by the letter



One thought on “A to Z Challenge 2013 – T is for…

  1. Great read. I know I’ve bookmarked various TED talks to watch but haven’t properly taken the time. Think today’s the day to start (smile).

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