Week in Review – 2013/04/15 – 2013/04/21

Updated stats per my goals for this writerly journey. The deets of my original goals can be found here and here.

Camp NaNoWriMo April, 2013 – Current word count, not including Sunday’s totals = 53,320 (I wrote 20, 024 words this week.)

Savvy Authors April Boot Camp – Current word count not including Sunday’s totals = 50,957 (I wrote 16, 981 words this week.)

Blogging A to Z Challenge – A through R posted

Round of Words in 80 Days – Three Mid-Week Check-Ins and Three Sunday Check-Ins (including today)

I. Am. Tired.

Excited, too, so that’s good. I’m getting a kick out of the stories I’m writing and already have a series in play for the fairy tale mashup. It’s fun coming up with creative twists on familiar (and less familiar) fairy tale, fable, and folklore characters.

There’s a challenge to write 100 pages from May 1st to May 7th. I’m thinking of giving that a whirl to keep the momentum going. I’ll still blog but maybe once or twice a week (perhaps the for the #ROW80 check-ins) so I can focus on the stories I’m writing and revising.

As for the rest of the alphabet, I have pretty much all the topics covered but sometimes my inspiration for the content comes to me closer to the deadline. It’s been fun blogging through the ABCs and I look forward to doing that again next year.

We’re rounding the bases and home plate is in sight. It’s been an eyeopening experience and I can’t wait for future writing challenges and opportunities.

In the meantime, I’m taking it easy so my hands can recuperate and am catching up on some reading. I’ve also found some old stories that I’m reviewing with fresh eyes and have some story ideas I’d like to tinker with.

Though, I’ll be saying this more near the end, as well, thank you for coming with me on my writing journey this month.



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