I dove into the world of Savvy Authors last November, where their NaNo Boot Camp gave me double the reason to hammer out my YA Thriller. A great added dose of accountability, twice the intensity, and the benefits of global cheerleading. Yesterday, I declared my love for all things NaNoWriMo. In case you missed it, you can read about it here. My love is also strong for Savvy Authors. Here are just a few reasons why YOU NEED TO JOIN THIS AMAZING WRITING COMMUNITY.

1) IT’S AN AMAZING WRITING COMMUNITY. Yes. It bears repeating. I haven’t met any of them in person yet, but we all support each other like we’ve been friends for years. Constant feedback and encouragement fill the warm atmosphere. Come on, it’s in their tagline: writers helping writers. That’s what we do everyday. Regardless of genre, we all come together to show our love for storytelling.

2) IMPRESSIVE EDUCATION. I’ve learned a lot more as a writer in the past six months than I have all my life. I appreciate traditional education. I love and have several books on writing craft. But there’s something to be said about the innovation of an online course. You have the flexibility to cater to your own busy schedule and still be accountable for your deadlines. Everything is there to help your writing go further. How many times have you bookmarked an article or purchased reference material but never actually got around to reading it? *GASP* I’ll admit, shamefully, I am guilty of this. The interactive community keeps my interest and I’m networking at the same time. Bonus. And if I fall behind in my schedule, the instructor and class are there to support me. What’s great is that these instructors know their stuff because they, too, are writers. We all appreciate the struggle. We all appreciate the art form.

3) VALUE. The basic membership is free and already you have a treasure trove of craft resources, networking opportunities. Wednesday night chats offer a revolving door of guest speakers from the industry. Real-time education, Q&A, and overall great conversation. I file that under INFOTAINMENT. Premium memberships are worth it, too, because the already amazingly low price on workshops gets even cheaper. It truly pays off because you receive hands-on instruction, peer and instructor feedback, and guidance towards meeting your writing goals. Because I dare to push myself, I tend to enrol in more workshops than a normal human should take at one time. Doesn’t stop me. I’ve learned so much and my writing’s come a long way because of Savvy Authors. Took my first class in November and I’ve been going strong ever since.

4) BOOT CAMP. My second Boot Camp since NaNo last November. Had such a great experience, I had to say yes. You have teams, you encourage each other to reach daily goals. There are even prizes and other great incentives to keep the momentum going. I must be clear, Boot Camp is not for the lightweights. We’ve been told there’s no whining in Boot Camp. But from last year’s amazing results, there’s definitely a lot of writing in Boot Camp. SAVVY AUTHORS APRIL BOOT CAMP is sure to keep my writing goals in check next month.

5) PITCH PERFECT. Now, one downfall of having several completed drafts but none of them fully revised yet? Missing out on April’s other awesometastic event at Savvy Authors. If you go and check out at least one thing on their site, do yourself a favor and get in on this FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY. Take your novel to new heights and join! I know I’ll have pitches ready the next time this rolls around. Agents and Editors from various publications ready to hear your pitches all month. APRIL’S PITCH PERFECT. It’s the Disneyland of pitch opportunities.

So many good things to say. So excited to be a member of this writing community. This is just a taste of what they’ve got. If you’re serious about your writing and want to publish your work, check out Savvy Authors. You’ll be glad you did.


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