The Makeup Face-Off: Pt. 5 – Mascaras

Lashing Out


Part of why my sister convinced me to get into eye makeup was to keep me from rubbing my eyes (a big no-no for that delicate skin) due to seasonal allergies. It’s certainly helped and the addition of mascara to even the simplest of makeup looks can give you just enough oomph to polish your look.

For my daily makeup routine, I usually skip the shadow and just stick to mascara and eyeliner. I recall a day when I forgot mascara and it definitely made a difference. Let’s take a look at three mascaras I’ve been trying out extensively and see how they got on.

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The Makeup Face-Off: Pt. 2 – Foundations

All About That Base
Once the face is primed, the canvas is ready for the foundation. As with most products, there are different types of foundation with different purposes. Aside from the examples in the picture above, there are also tinted BB creams, CC creams, and also spray/airbrush foundations.
There are also different levels of coverage, skin benefits for the various skin concerns, finishes (matte, dewy, illuminated, semi-matte, etc.), as well as multiple ways to apply foundations using particular brushes or sponges.
For the most part, foundations are used to even out the skin. Some might stop there or use this as the basis for the rest of their makeup look.

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The Makeup Face-Off: Pt. 1 – Primers

Primed & Ready to Go

After my morning skincare routine and sunscreen application, I liked to prime my face before applying makeup. I’ve put on makeup without primer before and experience has literally showed me that without a primer, makeup can move, wear off, and fade much quicker than if I did use primer.


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MondayMusings: Customer Disservice

A.K.A. The Occasional Woes of Online Shopping

Happy Monday, all… sorta. I could say I have a bone to pick, but that would imply that I can get a hold of said bone.

There is a hashtag going around the Interwebs known as #youtubemademebuyit and it can be found on blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram or Twitter feeds. You name it. This type of tag can work both ways. It can be one of those, “YAY! I finally got my hands on [insert product here] that everyone’s been talking about!” or “BOO! What was with all the hype of [insert product here]?” Alas, my share today is leaning towards the BOO side of things.

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