MondayMusings: Current Makeup Faves

Makeup I’ve Been Loving


The following makeup are among the many tried and tested products that worked for me. Within each category I’ll list them with the product I liked the most (or at least do, at the moment). Something to keep in mind is that skin texture changes throughout the year so it is important to adjust skincare and makeup application accordingly.

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MondayMusings: My Everyday Look

My Go To Makeup: What I Use on the Daily

I find it therapeutic to grab a palette from my collection and swatch the colors on my arm. On occasion–and for special ones–I do a more complete makeup look that includes eyeshadow, but when it comes to work, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Nowadays, I want to get as much sleep as I can before dragging my carcass out of bed. Yes, I still get to work way too early, but I like to give myself a buffer. LOL

So, I have a simplified version for my daily work look. I think my arm’s seen more makeup colors than my face has!

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MondayMusings: Customer Disservice

A.K.A. The Occasional Woes of Online Shopping

Happy Monday, all… sorta. I could say I have a bone to pick, but that would imply that I can get a hold of said bone.

There is a hashtag going around the Interwebs known as #youtubemademebuyit and it can be found on blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram or Twitter feeds. You name it. This type of tag can work both ways. It can be one of those, “YAY! I finally got my hands on [insert product here] that everyone’s been talking about!” or “BOO! What was with all the hype of [insert product here]?” Alas, my share today is leaning towards the BOO side of things.

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