The Makeup Face-Off: Pt. 1 – Primers

Primed & Ready to Go

After my morning skincare routine and sunscreen application, I liked to prime my face before applying makeup. I’ve put on makeup without primer before and experience has literally showed me that without a primer, makeup can move, wear off, and fade much quicker than if I did use primer.


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MondayMusings: Product Review Updates

John Frieda & AOA Makeup Brushes: How’d They Do?

IMG_9765Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.50.59 PM.png

About a month ago, influenster sent me some John Frieda hair care products to try out and review. Three weeks ago, I received my first Shop Miss A order that included five AOA Studio Kabuki Face Brushes. Let’s dive right in and talk about how these products fared.

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MondayMusings: Current Makeup Faves

Makeup I’ve Been Loving


The following makeup are among the many tried and tested products that worked for me. Within each category I’ll list them with the product I liked the most (or at least do, at the moment). Something to keep in mind is that skin texture changes throughout the year so it is important to adjust skincare and makeup application accordingly.

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MondayMusings: My Everyday Look

My Go To Makeup: What I Use on the Daily

I find it therapeutic to grab a palette from my collection and swatch the colors on my arm. On occasion–and for special ones–I do a more complete makeup look that includes eyeshadow, but when it comes to work, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Nowadays, I want to get as much sleep as I can before dragging my carcass out of bed. Yes, I still get to work way too early, but I like to give myself a buffer. LOL

So, I have a simplified version for my daily work look. I think my arm’s seen more makeup colors than my face has!

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MondayMusings: Shop Miss A Product Review

First Impressions & Mini-Review: AOA Studio Kabuki Face Brushes


Hello, lovelies!

I received my first #shopmissa haul in the beginning of April. As you can see from my Instagram pic above, I certainly have my reviewing work cut out for me.

Today’s first impressions and mini-review features the AOA Studio Kabuki Face Brushes.

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