The Makeup Face-Off: Pt. 2 – Foundations

All About That Base
Once the face is primed, the canvas is ready for the foundation. As with most products, there are different types of foundation with different purposes. Aside from the examples in the picture above, there are also tinted BB creams, CC creams, and also spray/airbrush foundations.
There are also different levels of coverage, skin benefits for the various skin concerns, finishes (matte, dewy, illuminated, semi-matte, etc.), as well as multiple ways to apply foundations using particular brushes or sponges.
For the most part, foundations are used to even out the skin. Some might stop there or use this as the basis for the rest of their makeup look.

To recap, I have combination skin: mostly normal some dehydration depending on the season and an oily T-zone.

While most of the foundations I’ve been using lately are a liquid formulation, they each have different claims and finishes. I’m okay with all of the products but I’ll review them from the least favorite (at this time) to the most.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 6.22.45 PM


  • Price: $6.96-11.99 CAD
  • Claims:
    • non-comodogenic, dermatologist tested
    • lightweight formula and translucent base for natural coverage
    • SPF 18
  • Pump?: No.
  • Effectivity:
    • runnier liquid consistency, no discernable scent
    • lightweight, although some creasing below the lids
    • dewy finish, but T-zone was shiny within a few hours
    • Would repurchase?: Probably not.


Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 6.20.59 PM



  • Price: $6.96-11.99 CAD
  • Claims:
    • creamy gel foundation in stick form; matte powder finish
    • ultra-lightweight powders with anti-shine core
  • Effectivity:
    • easy to blend, lightweight, good for traveling, unscented
    • matte finish lasts for up to 7hrs
    • Would repurchase?: Yes.



Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 5.12.07 PM


Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-IN-1 Foundation + Concealer (07 Sand)

  • Price: $9.99 USD (Available in U.S. Stores and online)
  • Claims:
    • full coverage, water-resistant foundation and concealer in one
    • combat under eye circles and other skin imperfections
  • Pump?: Yes.
  • Effectivity:
    • thick consistency, easy to dispense amount needed
    • light scent that doesn’t linger
    • blendable, but doesn’t provide full coverage
    • dewy finish that got shiny/oily within four hours
    • Would repurchase? Maybe. Desired color was out of stock.



Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.55.35 PM



  • Price: $28.99 CAD
  • Claims:
    • lightweight Serum Gel Foundation
    • vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for even complexion & anti-fatigue
    • smooths out imperfections, boosts radiance for up to 16hrs
  • Pump?: Yes.
  • Effectivity:
    • moderately thick consistency, pleasant fruity scent that fades during the day
    • skin looks natural and imperfections are minimized, wears up to 10hrs
  • Would repurchase?: Yes.



Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 5.21.31 PM


MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD fluid foundation (Y385 Olive beige)

  • Price: $52.00 CAD
  • Claims:
    • long lasting with a natural finish
    • buildable medium to almost full coverage
    • formulated with hyaluronic spheres suitable for all skin types
    • suitable for use with HD and 4K lens cameras
  • Pump?: Yes.
  • Effectivity:
  • dispenses in small amounts (better than overpumping)
  • good coverage/wearability for up to 7.5hrs with only slight shine
  • Would repurchase?: Yes.


Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 5.17.54 PM


  • Price: $6.96-11.99 CAD
  • Claims:
    • tone and texture-fitting foundation suitable for Normal to Oily Skin
    • mattifies, erases pores, and matches natural tone
  • Pump?: No.
  • Effectivity:
    • runnier liquid consistency, unscented
    • lightweight and easy to blend
    • matte finish that lasts for up to 8hrs
    • Would repurchase?: Yes.


Some observations:

  • When applied with a flat foundation brush, I got the most coverage with the cream foundations. I didn’t use a flat foundation brush with the stick foundation because it sheered it out too much.
  • Using a buffing or kabuki brush, these foundations had medium and buildable to full coverage.
  • To achieve a sheered out or light coverage, I used a makeup sponge. It also worked when some areas looked too heavy. It blended the foundation out to avoid cakeyness.
  • It’s interesting how 230 Natural Buff across three types of Fit Me! foundations are actually different shades on my skin. For the most part I’m a medium shade, but the Make Up For Ever shade is Olive Beige.
  • My sister and I are very different complexions and skin tones, but we both wear the Matte + Poreless and it suits each of us well.

Overall remarks:

  • The Fit Me! Matte + Poreless foundation stayed matte the longest and had a natural finish on the skin. I’ve already repurchased this foundation and as long as they keep making it, I’ll keep buying it
  • Best foundation for a quick makeup day that’s portable is definitely the stick foundation.
  • The scent and wearability of the Bourjois gel serum foundation is very comfortable. It’s a close third to the MUFE foundation except the MUFE has better coverage.
  • I wanted to rank the Milani foundation higher but couldn’t not just because it was a hair too dark for my skin but more because it was the quickest to have oiliness break through. It ranked higher than the dewy Fit Me! foundation because it had better coverage with a more blurred out look. The Fit Me! foundation lasted longer before becoming shiny in the T-zone.

I’ve since tried mineral powder and pressed powder foundation to help combat oiliness for the warmer months. I’m also experimenting with different combinations of primers and foundations to find the perfect combination. More on these new findings in coming posts.

Next week, eyeshadow primers and eyeshadow palettes.
Until next time…


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