MondayMusings: Product Review Updates

John Frieda & AOA Makeup Brushes: How’d They Do?

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About a month ago, influenster sent me some John Frieda hair care products to try out and review. Three weeks ago, I received my first Shop Miss A order that included five AOA Studio Kabuki Face Brushes. Let’s dive right in and talk about how these products fared.


Frizz-Ease Forever Smooth Frizz Immunity Shampoo (250 ml)

Frizz-Ease Forever Smooth Frizz Immunity Conditioner (250 ml)

Frizz-Ease Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer (90 ml)

After a week of use, here were my initial observations. The updates in green are after a month of use.

Packaging: Sleek packaging, typical of the John Frieda line. I appreciated that they were full sized products.

Scent: I can’t put my finger on it but there is a floral/fruity hybrid to the fragrance and I quite like it. It’s not overpowering which, with some products, can be a complete turn-off. The subtle aroma is pleasant and I’d even recommend it for men. UPDATE: While I enjoyed the mild scent, it was, at times, too mild, to withstand the warmer days we’ve been having this Spring. I’ve used products before that aren’t heavily scented and last throughout the day. After a day in the sun, it’s the prominent scent in my hair with only trace amounts of fragrance left at the end of the day.

Price: Due to the wide range in price, I’d look for sales and from what I’ve seen in the stores, there are frequent sales with John Frieda products.

Claims: Oddly enough, the product which focuses on smoothing with its coconut oil and other nourishing ingredients, enhanced waves in my hair. Unfortunately, I think it’s too early to assess the anti-frizz benefits. I air-dry my hair and as it dries, there still tends to be frizz. Perhaps with more use, I’ll see better results. That, or I should use double the amount of primer (the third product reviewed) because of my hair length. UPDATE: I found that it didn’t quite smooth my hair as I’d hoped it would. After the use of the three products, while wet, my hair looks wavy and defined. However, as it air dries, it starts to frizz slightly. I will say that the amount of frizz has decreased compared to my hair prior to using these products. I might have more smoothing results if I blow dry or heat style my hair. However, at this time I tested the products as I’d use them on a daily basis for work.

Other notes: The shampoo doesn’t lather too much, although there is sulfate in the list of ingredients. One thing I did notice was that it left the hair a little stiff, so I had to go through with a little more conditioner at the roots. I did this because the primer is supposed to be applied mid-shaft down to the ends.

UPDATE: I will continue to use the products and try different combinations of application and styling tools to experiment with the results. I’m still on the fence about repurchasing this particular line, but I might purchase other products from John Frieda in the future.



The F1 Flat Top Kabuki Brush (I used the F1 to apply liquid foundation.)

The F2 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush (I used the F2 to apply cream contour.)

The F3 Angled Kabuki Brush (I used the F3 to apply cream blusher.)

The F4 Round Kabuki Brush (I used the F4 to blend and buff.)

The F5 Pointed Kabuki Brush (I used the F5 to apply cream contour.)


  • Soft bristles.
  • Affordable.


  • Some bristles shed.
  • Some brushes aren’t precision cut.
  • More than one of the brushes’ ferrules are loose. If I hold the brush by its handle (as it’s intended) I can hear the wood creaking and loosening inside the ferrule. This is resolved by holding the brush by the ferrule itself.

UPDATE: For the price, these brushes perform well enough. I was fortunate to land an order of these the day they were launched. It’s quite possible that the amount of cons I experienced were due to the rush orders to meet consumer demands. The brushes were constantly out of stock for several weeks.


I must say that I’m pleased with these products and will continue to use them. While there might be some things that can be improved with the brushes, that won’t prevent me from using them on a daily basis. John Frieda has a wide range of products that I might be able to use in conjunction with the Forever Smooth line in order to yield more positive results.

The trial and error of this experience is part of the fun. Next week, I’ll go into more detail about the makeup faves from my previous post. I’ll review by category and might even add other ‘honorable mentions’ or products I’ve been trying in the interim to see how they performed.


Until next time…




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