So, that happened…

A.K.A. Gutted into Reality


In my life: plans, excitement, writing. All round happiness for March.


It’s funny how quickly things can change. Everything I had planned and experienced a month ago, with goals to accomplish in the coming weeks got royally derailed. It was arguable the worst month I’ve had in all of ever.

Was I going to hibernate my woes away, close myself off from civilization, basically give up?


That said, I chose to get through this learning from the experiences and being positive that there are better things to come.


So, as odd as this might sound, I started using #makeuptherapy to help force myself to go out into the world. I’d already dabbled in makeup and beauty products, thanks to the Sestra. It’s helped keep my seasonal allergies at bay. I wouldn’t rub my eyes because I’d have eyeshadow and mascara on. What was purely a practical endeavor turned into a medthodical process that took on a zen-like effect as I’d prepare my face for the world, as it were.

I got into watching YouTube videos of beauty and lifestyle bloggers and began researching products that would be suitable for my skin type and tone. There’s a science that harmonizes with the artistry of makeup and I’ve found it to be an educational escape, of sorts. Other people deal with hardships by taking on hobbies or vices. I chose makeup.


What about my writing? All the inspiration and excitement last month got sucked out of me when all the bad stuff happened simultaneously. I was overwhelmed and didn’t want to do anything for the first couple of weeks.

Then, things began to hurt less, I realized how strong I was, as a person, when I was forced to be strong throughout all this.

I decided it was time to get out of my cocoon of sadness and get back out there. I applied to more job ads (after the few near misses and stalled applications that I never heard follow-ups from), and began to see how I could get back into a more productive routine.

This is where the good news started coming in…

I had a good job interview yesterday and today they offered me the position. I’ve been tutoring sporadically for over a year, but I wanted more stable income. Having a routine like I did when I was a full-time student kept me grounded. Feeling like I’d been drifting these last several months was part of the problem–that I no longer had. πŸ™‚

So, I’m now employed and I have an actionable plan to keep me motivated in the days and weeks to come.

I’d like to start with trying to post twice a week, then maybe moving it up to three times a week. For now, I’d like to have MAKEUP MONDAYS and WRITING WEDNESDAYS. For those who are interested in everything I write, I welcome you to follow along my journey. On Mondays I’ll be blogging about health and beauty topics and on Wednesdays I’ll focus on all things writerly. I believe that continuing to do things in the beauty industry will serve as both therapeutic and enjoyable, and it will give me a writing routine that will help me stay focused on my WIPs.

To help with my writing, I’ve enrolled in a full-year writing course called A Novel Idea by Shaunta Grimes that will keep me motivated and on task in my writing challenges.

I’m hurting but getting better each day. I must keep on keepin’ on.


These are just ideas I’m putting out there and I want to try my best. It’s a great way to heal and better myself, too.

Thank you to everyone who’s been supportive of me since the start and for those who are still around, much love to you all.

You can only do the best you can and be better today thanΒ  you were yesterday in hopes that tomorrow will be even more awesome.


Until next time…


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