February Goals: The Yay/Boo Edition

Hola, fellow webineers!

January was a blur and now we’re into the shortest month of the year. This should be interesting.


I’d like to map out this short and sweet month, but first, using my reader-approved “Yay/Boo” assessment, let’s revisit the month that was, shall we?



I didn’t get to revise Greatest Hits by adapting it into a screenplay, nor did I get much further in my revisions for Aaralyn’s Song. BOO.

I wrote new material and found ways to dig deeper into my characters’ psyches. YAY.

There’s a screenplay contest I’m considering entering. Since I never said anything about contest entries, I don’t think this would count against my promise of not writing anything new before completing revisions on current projects. YAY.

BOO – 1.0   YAY – 1.5 (only because I’m scolding myself for trying to bend my own rules about new writing.)

YAY wins.



Been so busy reading academic material that I haven’t gotten through anything else. BIG BOO.

Been so busy reading academic material–great academic material. I’m geekin’ out on the nerdtasticability of it all. BIG YAY!

BOO – 2.0   YAY – 2.0




I wasn’t able to fully participate in my online writing workshops because of school, but I do have the lessons downloaded and am already implementing the techniques in my revisions. BOOish.

I maintained the blog as best I could, but understandably prioritized my studies. At least I didn’t skip a week although I might have missed some FRIDAY FORAGE posts and this last Wednesday Check-in. BOOish.

Interfaced with actual faces. And in person! Joined the International Association at school and am also a mentor in the school’s Cultural Connections program. Both are great ways to meet new people and to gain practice in teaching ESL. There are also opportunities for cultural exchange which is always fun as I’m looking to expand my repertoire of languages. BIG BIG YAY.

BOO – 1.0 (half marks for the ‘ish’)  YAY – 3.0

YAY wins.



I feel the most accomplished in this department. I’m enjoying my French and Mandarin classes and have appointments set up for academic advising on how best to pursue the certifications I’ve lined up for myself this year. I’ve got study groups left and right with ESL tutoring in between. It’s all been such a different kind of busy, but I’m looking forward to more. I’m excited that my coursework and extracurriculars coincide as they have the same end goal for me. YAY.

BOO – 0.0   YAY – 1.0

YAY wins.

Overall: YAY wins, but I need to pay attention to the BOOs and remedy those situations this month.



I’d like to get some headway on my revisions. I’m hoping that the reading week we have at school will give me some time to focus on just the writing, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of my schedule. Fingers crossed. 

This month, I’m going to focus on Aaralyn’s Song and work on Greatest Hits after I’ve hit my minimum target. In this case, I’d like to get at least the first fifty pages properly spruced up. There’s characterization to reconfigure but I’m up for the challenge.



Read more fiction. Or non-fiction. Preferably both not having to do with coursework. Of course, these endeavours are on top of the many readings required this semester. Hence, the need to revisit the whole speed-reading idea.



This one’s easy. Keep up with my mentoring at school, the study groups, and also prepare for my March Madness posts.

While I managed one physical write-in with my writing group, the temporary change of dates has left me no choice but to miss them. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I can attend them again.



This one is also straightforward. Keep on keepin’ on. Read, review, write, speak. Repeat. A surefire method to get better in languages.


How was the first month of 2014 for everyone?

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